$h!tty Coffee – Literally


12 Nov $h!tty Coffee – Literally

On our way to the crater lakes around Bedugul in Bali, we stopped off at a coffee farm for a tour. This particular plantation specializes in a type of java that’s not your average joe.

Kopi Luwauk – It kind of goes like this….

This little guy eats the coffee fruits, bean and all.

Asian Palm Civet


Coffee Berries

The droppings from our furry friend above are collected and dried.

Those aren’t candy bars in this jars… Yep you guessed it, poop! The white parts are the coffee beans. The beans are cleaned prior to roasting. I am not sure the means of cleaning, I am also not sure I want to know.

Fire Roasted Beans

Voila, you have the most expensive coffee in the world. Selling for over $150usd per Lb in Europe and North America. I had to give the $5 cup a try (and I thought Starbucks was expensive). The results of all this work is a very flavorful almost fruity coffee that has little bitterness. During the digestive process the beans altered and it yields a much less bitter cup. If you aren’t heading to Bali you can also find this delicacy in the Philippines, Vietnam, and other Indonesian islands.

Of course I had to try it, but it begs the question why/who thought to make coffee this way?? It was good coffee honestly, very interesting taste, but for $150/LB I think I’ll just stick with my dark roast.


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