Ubud is known as the cultural center for the island of Bali and is also home to the monkey sanctuary. Before leaving for our trip we found a driver on trip advisor who made a custom tour for us, one of the stops was the monkeys. As we were pulling up to the sanctuary he turns to us and says “Whatever you do, DO NOT buy the bananas!”

monkey close up

Look at that face, how are you going to go to a monkey forest and then not feed the cute little monkeys?? So of course we buy the bananas, and sneaky Hannah rolls them up into her shirt like a little banana belly. We are not more than 10 feet into the park and those monkeys know we have bananas! It was like a zombie movie, all the monkeys slowly turned toward us and began to creep closer.


Jacking in progress

Hannah decides to pull one banana off the bunch and try and give it to the cute baby monkeys. Well this may seem doable, but realize these monkeys are pro’s. So what does the monkey do…obviously climbs up Hannah’s legs and clings to her shorts & shirt and to rip some bananas out of her banana belly. After being banana jacked, she decides to start moving a little faster and away from the “aggressive” monkeys.

Soon after all the banana  jackings we ran out of our 45,000R worth of bananas, so we thought we were in the clear.  Key word, THOUGHT!  Hannah must have smelt like bananas still, because one naughty monkey climbed up her leg looking for a banana. When he realized she didn’t have a banana to give him he bit her in the thumb…Yes, Hannah was bit by a random monkey.

After this incident, Hannah raced to the bathroom to wash her hands and start praying she didn’t just get RABIES! Thankfully it was a playful bite not really even breaking skin.


lazy cute

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  1. You guy are too funny! Great website by the way.

  2. Wow, fantastic photographs. Cannot wait to show my son who loves to take wildlife photographs. Oh, we won’t be visiting the monkey forest. Been to Bali many times 20 years ago. Found that these cute monkeys have quite a dark side. Was a lot braver in my youth. Have a picture which I took from the safety of the bus of a huge monkey sitting in my brothers shoulders. Still gives me the creeps. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Thanks for responding trip advisor query. Happy and safe travels!
    MdM Melbourne

    • Glad you enjoyed the photos! Who knew that I would get attacked for the bananas and then again for not having any banana’s! Had I known that, I can say we would for sure we would NOT have purchased any silly bananas! It makes for a great story though! You were smart for keeping your distance and staying in the bus! We look forward to sharing many more travel stories, pictures, and tips! Safe travels to you too! Cheers!
      Hannah recently posted..Taking Sparting Risks My Profile

  3. Macaques are very rambunctious in the wild. When you throw in people and food, they get so aggressive. They’ll steal from you even if you don’t have any food. One monkey made a grab for my water bottle once. I’m glad you learned the lesson. Don’t feed the stupid monkeys!
    Natalia recently posted..Mistakes I Have Learnt From While Traveling in AsiaMy Profile

  4. We went to the park as well but didn’t buy bananas. The monkeys were pretty well behaved unlike the monkeys a Uluwatu, saw lots of monkeys there stealing people’s things

  5. Need more signs like at the zoo.
    ChinaMatt recently posted..Biking Taiwan’s East CoastMy Profile

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