Our RTW Pre-trip To-Do List (7 Months to go!)

01 Dec Our RTW Pre-trip To-Do List (7 Months to go!)

To keep ourselves on track, and to prevent total melt down in the final month before our trip we have started a checklist. Anyone that knows us should not be surprised, we make lots of lists. This list is well warranted, there are a ton of things to do before leaving for 15 months. The most stressful part of the list revolves around our house, the stuff in it, and getting it rented.


  • Sign up for Charles Schwab Account (Zero ATM fees World Wide)
  • Setup layered bank accounts & train parents to dump money between accounts so we don’t have to while connected to shady Wi-Fi spots
  • Figure out car insurance – Apparently it can be difficult or expensive to get car insurance when you return home if you have a gap in coverage (Our insurance agent is a friend who will actually be meeting us in Guatemala in the early part of our trip, so he will help us figure it out)
  • Sell Hannah’s car
  • Spend a few dollars on all mileage credit cards just before we leave to keep miles/points from falling off
  • Cancel un-necessary Credit Cards

Friends & Family

  • Setup Skype with family/friends
  • Host a grand going away party


  • Buy net book for trip
  • Buy small clear tackle/storage box for Hannah’s make up
  • Buy Large tackle/storage box for medical kit
  • Organize Camera / Tech bag
  • Finalize Packing of main packs


  • Hep B vac for Adam
  • Hep A Vac for both of us in May/June
  • Typhoid Fever for both of us in May/June
  • Yellow Fever for Hannah
  • Tetanus for Adam & Hannah (Our insurance covers all of our vaccinations, but from what we have read may insurances don’t; so if that is the case for you, for cost reasons many people opt to get them while on the road early in the journey)
  • Schedule Knee Doctor just before we leave (Don’t want to be limping around the world)
  • Dentist appointments
  • Hannah eye exam June (To keep lifetime warranty on Lasik surgery)
  • Change Hannah’s birth control to IUD (We don’t need a permanent tag-a-long, yet!)


  • Rent Our House
  • Find Tinkerbell a foster home
  • Sell unused stuff on eBay / Craig’s list
  • Donate stuff that’s not worth listing (5 large garbage bags & counting)
  • Put everything else into storage
  • Find a place to store Adam’s Truck
  • Find a good place to store Hannah’s Wedding Rings
  • Order Hannah a cheap wedding band (To ensure others know she is taken!)
  • Drink 18 bottles of wine (Where did we get all of this wine?)
  • Consume 30 bottles of salad dressing (We eat salads daily and when Hannah sees a deal watch out!)
  • Forward our mail somewhere (Any volunteers to collect 15 months of junk mail??)

Travel Documents

  • Travelers insurance
  • Add pages to passports, although we just heard that doing it abroad is easier
  • Get passport pictures
  • Scan documents – Passports, all receipts for travel insurance claims, all travel confirmations, credit card contact numbers
  • Get international drivers license
  • Setup Storage on cloud drive & Show Dad how periodically download (We were planning on using Amazon’s drive or is there a better one?)


  • Write letter of resignation – Adam (Is it wrong to be really excited for this one?)
  • Ask for leave of absence – Hannah

Other Stuff

  • Cancel cell phone service (Just before we leave)

Stuff we already did that you should too

  • Buy an unlocked GSM Tri / Quad Band cell phone on eBay (You can then buy sim cards and pre-paid minutes abroad, under $0.10USD / minute in most countries)


  • Audrey | That Backpacker
    Posted at 00:59h, 02 December Reply

    So much to do! My trip is coming up in less than 3 months and I haven’t started thinking of everything I still need to get done! Ahh!

  • Adam
    Posted at 10:03h, 02 December Reply

    Good luck getting ready! I wish we only had 3 months left. I am sure it is going to fly by, especially the last month, so we are going to try and have most of our list done by then.
    Adam recently posted..How/Why we chose our routeMy Profile

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