Cervezas of Mexico!

Overall I was happy with the beer south of the border, I even found a few I hadn’t tried before! Here is a review of what I found while in Tulum.

Rating Scale:

  • – I will fly to another country just to drink this beer!
  • – You need this beer in your life
  • – Better than your average beer
  • – It gets the job done
  • – Well you gotta drink something…

Kolster light 

Mexico beer 1

clean light lager, very drinkable, a bit on the watery side


mexico beer 2

basic lager, slightly astringent, I couldn’t drink many of these and likely would result in a hangover

Leon Negra 

Mexico Beer 3

Far superior to standard Leon which is rough at best, nicely balanced and a hint of hops and a touch of maltyness

Modelo Negra 

Mexico beer 4

Modelo’s dark beer has a dry finish similar to a dry stout, creamy, slightly chalky, very good one of the top beers in Mexico

Modelo Especial 

mexico beer 15

The only thing I found especial about this beer was how skunky it was. The clear glass bottle may have helped contribute to the skunking, but I did not have any Especials that were not skunked.


Mexico beer 5

I left home with Bohemia as my favorite Mexican beer, and returned the same way. This beer is my favorite because it is very well balanced, and you can actually taste the hops.

Bohemia – Chocolate stout 

Mexico beer 7

oh no they didn’t, oh yes they did! My favorite Mexican beer brand takes it to the next level with their chocolate stout. Its a full bodied stout with a hint of chocolate. The the taste of chocolate lingers. It’s by far the best chocolate stout  I have had on a white sand beach.


Mexico beer 8

standard lager, decently drinkable, not frequently available but cheap


Mexico beer 9

Relatively standard Lager, it does not stand out in many ways, but it was good enough to have a few during a night out.


mexico beer 10

This beer is one of the top sellers in Mexico, this is what you think of when you think of a Mexican beer. Its just OK, it gets better with a lime.

Sol con Limon y Sal (Lime & Salt) 

mexico beer 11

They did it for you! Sol alone needs something and when you put the salt and lime in really makes it nice to drink in a hot climate.

Superior Rubia 

mexico beer 12

This was the best light colored beer I tried while in Mexico. It is a blonde beer (Rubio is Blonde) It is heavier bodied with a clear golden color. Slightly malty, with some fruity esters that come through similar to a Hefeweizen.


mexico beer 13

Clean, decent balance, very drinkable. This is my go to beer for a decent 6 pack and a cheap price.

Pacifico Clara 

mexico beer 14 ,

Pacifico is available in Tulum but it is not much as others.  Another relatively standard lager, slightly more body than some of the others, again it is improved by a lime.

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16 thoughts on “Cervezas of Mexico!

    • David – Bohemia is pretty awesome, I will have to try the Clasica next time I see it and see if I get the lychee taste!

      Can’t wait to explore the rest of the world’s beer, hopefully it will be as good as Mexico.
      Adam recently posted..The Bugs of TulumMy Profile

    • Sol lime was pretty darn good! The lime had a good amount of salt in it too, which sounds really weird but it works.

      I like the Clamato they put out too, who doesn’t like a little tomato & clam juice in their beer?
      Adam recently posted..The Bugs of TulumMy Profile

    • MexicanNomad – The main reason the Modelo didn’t get more stars from me was mostly because everyone I had was pretty skunky. Maybe it was just poor handling, left out for too long or something. I haven’t really had it elsewhere so thats what I had to go by.

      The Modelo Negra on the other hand was a nice beer, I would rate it top 3 from this trip.

      What beers did I miss, do you have any favorites that I didn’t try. I would love to hear about them for future trips!

      Safe Travels
      Adam recently posted..The Bugs of TulumMy Profile

      • I see, I see, you definitely need to give it a second chance: however, it needs to be cold and you need Salt and Limon. Then you will drink it as it was water, ha ha. I love my German beers but if I had to pick Mexican beers I would pick Modelo and Dos X. Which I believe is the only one you didn’t mention, oh and Carta Blanca (nothing special though), I have to say that I detest Corona. Anyway, I look forward in reading your beer ratings :) Saludos.

    • So true, we did miss Dos Equis and Corona. Adam really enjoys Dos Equis Amber but he couldn’t find it much there. Corona on the hand is sooo Americanized, wanted to show our readers less heard about beers in Mexico! You have to try Bohemia, AMAZING! You can find it here in the states at like Whole Foods or Fresh Market or a any specialty beer store should have it! Let me know what you think of it! Bottoms up!
      Hannah recently posted..So much to look forward to…My Profile

  1. I wasn’t as impressed with the beer selections in Mexico. I found them all to be too light and heavily carbonated. That said, they are fantastic in the hot sun and compliment a spicy taco like nothing else!

    Fun post. It will be cool to see the new beers you sample when your trip starts. I’m curious to know which ones will get your 5-star rating.

    We love snapping photos of the beer we try when traveling and have a similar series. If you’re keen, here’s a link – http://travelingcanucks.com/travel/series/beer-around-the-world/

    Cam @ Traveling Canucks recently posted..Photos from our trip to Parksville in the Pacific NorthwestMy Profile

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