Anything Can Fly!

flying Lawn Mower

05 May Anything Can Fly!

We are all lucky enough to be born it a time where travel is easy.  A few generations ago the only option for transcontinental travel was days or weeks on a boat. And just a generation or two ago, air travel was primarily for the rich.  Now there are countless airlines to take you anywhere you want to go. Part of the reason for all of that is we are getting smarter, we are better engineers.

I love to fly, cause I know when I fly, I am on my way. On my way to a new destination. On my way to a new adventure.

plane wing

I also love ingenuity my mind is always going. I have a piece of paper that says I am a mechanical engineer. It always amazes me, and simultaneously scares the crap out of me how a huge metal tube that is an airplane can get off the ground, and cruise several miles above the earth. In my spare time I like to find new uses for things and just to create and build things. I have been working on a motorized robot made from a picnic cooler for the last year or so. Hannah would probably tell complain to you about all the parts and pieces of things I have everywhere in our house. So when I stumbled on this video the other day I knew I had to share it, it is so amazing and creative.

In the video they have given everything wings! Even house hold appliances can now fly. It was also shot with some amazing back drops. It defiantly inspires me!


The video was created with Avios, a company focused on turning you everyday purchases into airline miles, another one of my favorite things to do! (Get it? Everything can fly!)

Remember if you are lucky enough to travel, you are lucky enough!

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