How to’s – Cheap Travel Cell Phone

Any style will work!

09 May How to’s – Cheap Travel Cell Phone

We like to travel with a cell phone for several reasons, most importantly safety and convenience. This tutorial breaks down how to stay connected on the cheap while wandering.

Unlocked Phone

An unlocked phone is a phone that is not set for a specific carrier like for example AT&T or Verizon, or any other major company. When you purchase a cell phone it almost always comes locked to your carrier. The best place I know of finding an unlocked phone is on a website like eBay. You can also buy them while traveling, I have seen phones for sale that claim to be unlocked. If you are tech savvy you can unlock your own phone too, if you have the right kind of phone there are lots of tutorials online to unlock.

Any style will work!

Any style will work!

The Right Kind of Phone

This is important, if you don’t get a phone with the following feature you won’t be talking to anyone!

  • Must be GSM and take a SIM Card
  • Tri-Band¬†(850/1800/1900 MHz) or Quad-Band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) The more bands the better!
  • Must be unlocked! If you buy a phone while traveling I would make them show you that it is truly unlocked with a few different sim cards before buying

Reduced Rates

Its best to check online which local carrier has the best deals for how you want to use the phone. For international calls many carriers have a few different prefixes to dial before the number, these prefixes dictate the quality of the call. They also set the price per minute, we typically use the cheapest and haven’t found the call quality bad at all. For example for the cheap rate to dial international you start by entering “00600”, or for higher quality connection (and higher price) dial “006”. Many times the instructions to add minutes or activate a card are in English, but if they are not it is worth finding a store owner that can help you cause it can be tricky.

If you are just looking for coverage for emergency calls and don’t plan to talk to much some carriers offer a free SIM Card. The cost for the card itself can be up to $5usd, so a freebie helps! I know for sure there is free ones in the Bangkok airport.

cell phone 2

Its a great way to be able to call home, or for an emergency, and to arrange things with local people. Safe, convenient, and smart!

  • Kathryn
    Posted at 11:22h, 10 May Reply

    We didn’t bring a cell – but are totally regretting it!

    Especially as tons of countries that we have visited dish out free ‘tourist SIM cards!’. Some even come with minutes (New Zealand being one of them)!

    We also have found Skype an incredibly cheap way to make calls home to the fam and friends. Calls to N.A. only run like .03 USD per minute! Although, a good internet connection is a plus. . . which is hard to find sometimes…

    • Hannah
      Posted at 20:41h, 12 May Reply

      We have found SIM cards to be either free or super cheap! Glad to hear NZ has free ones! We are planning on using Skype often and might buy a Skype phone number so people can call us too. Did you buy a Skype number or just add money to make calls?
      Hannah recently posted..Travel Photo Roulette – Round 58: As The Sun Goes DownMy Profile

  • Jim
    Posted at 11:59h, 13 May Reply

    While I’ve never traveled with a cell phone and had very few times when I felt like I needed one, it’s nice to read a bit more about how to save some money in case I ever change my mind.

    Thanks for the info.
    Jim recently posted..Discuss: Do We Still Need Travel Guidebooks?My Profile

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