My Digital Protection Plan


13 May My Digital Protection Plan

While traveling I am not nearly concerned with my physical stuff than I am my data, pictures, and files. If I loose a camera or it gets stolen it can be replaced, but I cant go back an retake my pictures! I would be devastated if lost them so I have put together my plan to keep everything safe. Here goes ~

Back it up!

We just purchase a portable hard drive that auto backs up everything on my laptop when it is plugged in. It holds 1 TB, which by my calculations is about 100,000+ pictures. That should cover my needs, although I am quick to snap quite a few photos. The only problem I see is that I am still carrying this around, an it still has the potential to get lost or stolen. I will keep my drive in a different bag than the laptop, but I still feel I need to be further backed up.


When there is good WiFi I plan to also dump my important stuff on to a cloud drive. I might consider doing only this, but I can’t always could on WiFi faster than a dial up modem while traveling to remote areas of the world. But when I can, I will upload to a drive like Amazon’s cloud drive.

Insured and protected


Travelers insurance covers the against stolen stuff, but that doesn’t cover the abuse Hannah and I will put on them. For that we are trying to put the equivalent of bike helmets on every device. Bags, boxes, and cases for Everything!


All of our important documents including itineraries, receipts, and home stuff, we can’t exactly strap a file cabinet to our back so… Gotta get it digital. We have scanned everything that we could possibly need and it’s on the laptop, and save in our cloud drive. So no matter what happens to our physical devices our papers should be safe, or at least accessible.


Wireless signals while traveling are notorious for hacking and scamming. We will be using a site back up service, and just not using it for real important stuff. For our banking needs we will be using dedicated bank apps on our smart phones which should be more secure. These are typically more secure because they are bank specific and less likely to be figured out by the bad guys (theoretically). We also have most of our banking being automatically taken care of. Everything else will be handled at home by our parents when we talk to them.

We have arranged our accounts in a way that at any given time we will only have $500 -$1000 available to us (or thieves) at any given time to minimize risk of ATM frauds. Most times we have heard you eventually get your money back but it’s a real hassle we really want to avoid.

We plan to go to the ATM a lot too, we feel if we keep smaller amounts of money on us we will have less risk and won’t lose as much in transfer fees/ exchange rates when moving from country to country. You might be asking yourself, frequent ATM transactions sounds like we will be spend a ton in fees? If you are thinking that, then you clearly haven’t heard of the most awesome ATM card in the world – The Charles Schwab no fee ATM!

What am I missing? What other counter measures do we need? Or am I crazy and now look like the guys from that TV show Dooms Day Prep-ers?

  • Rika | Cubicle Throwdown
    Posted at 22:29h, 13 May Reply

    Not crazy at all! This kind of stuff happens on the road. Just today one of our divemaster intern houses got broken into, and 10 laptops, 8 cameras, 3 iPhones, an iPad and loads of other stuff was stolen. No one had backed anything up or insured any of it. Bummer. For me, I back up my laptop to a secure site (Carbonite) any time I am online (the application searches for new data on my computer every time I connect to the internet and sends only the new stuff). I also have an external HD with me, and one that I copied my entire computer to and sent home to my mom for safekeeping. It won’t have the stuff from my trip on it, but at least everything else will be there. I also have everything on an insurance rider!
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  • OCDemon
    Posted at 22:31h, 13 May Reply

    I would go to internet cafes pretty regularly and send all the photos to a cloud storage service, and then delete them from the camera, so I got by with a tiny memory card. It was usually pretty slow, of course, but I’d want to visit the internet cafes often enough anyway since I had no laptop with me. It was great for peace of mind. Never feel bad about paranoia.
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  • Maddie
    Posted at 01:46h, 14 May Reply

    Not paranoid at all! We did the same with all our personal docs and also left a hard copy with the inlaws just in case. For me my photos are probably the most important things I’m worried about losing and knowing they are safely stored on my laptop, hard drive and most importantly the cloud makes me feel tons better.
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    • Hannah
      Posted at 20:18h, 14 May Reply

      We plan on scanning drivers license, passports, import docs on google docs or something and leaving the hard copies with the parents too! I can’t imagine losing all my photos, that would be devastating! Glad to hear we are on the same boat!
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  • Rob
    Posted at 00:46h, 15 May Reply

    At bare minimum you need to be using a VPN, your security is in reality in not secure at all. Or you can check out I have heard they are quite good.
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