Bug Hunting in Belize

Anyone that knows Hannah, knows that she hasn’t been the most adventurous in the past, but year after year she has turned into a trooper of a traveler. However, I was still surprised that I was able to talk her into going on a late night hike though the jungles of Belize to seek out BUGS!

It was our first day in the country and that helped fuel our bravado to dig deep into our packs and don our hiking pants, shirts, and head lamps.


With excitement still high, Hannah heads out of the room only to quickly slam it shut and scream loud enough to get me running out of the bathroom to her aid. In her panic she manages to point to a rather large beetle the size of George Washington on the dollar bill. With one swipe of my large shoe, and a loud crunching sound, crisis avoided. Imminent danger behnd us, it was still not a good way to motivate a non bug lover to venture out into the wilderness.

Spiders, scorpions, and frogs… Oh my!

The hike turned out to be a success we got to see and bunch of different night time creepy crawlies, and didn’t even get eaten alive by mosquitos.

belize spider

Our guide, much to Hannah’s protest, Lured a fist sized teranchula out of its nest using a piece of palm leaf.

belize scorpion

We spotted several scorpions climbing the rocks next to the trail.

Frog Belize

adam frog belize

We got close enough to hold the famous Red Eyed Tree Frog, and contrary to popular belief he is not poisonous! Look how cute we are together!

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11 thoughts on “Bug Hunting in Belize

  1. Super jealous of the red eyed tree frog! How cool… most would probably be surprised but you really don’t see a lot of bugs in Belize unless you go looking for them. Except for the ants and mosquitoes. There are plenty of those!

  2. “That is one fuzzy bug! If I had a bug like him I’d make a coat out of all that fur!”
    “actually Brian, those hairs are an irritant to human skin…”
    “I’m Brian Fellows!!!!”

  3. Hey got any grapes? Do you think you could send me that spider it would be great to put in Matt’s desk. Into the first project and you are not around. Just not the same! Looks like you are having a great time and I’m still super impressed that you are doing this awesome adventure.


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