I can’t believe it’s been 2 months already! We have done a lot of stuff and seen a lot of things already, each month we will recap our stats and favorites. Make sure to check out month 1 recap in case you missed it!

Miles Traveled

month map aug 13

  • Flown: 337 mi  /  542  km
  • Bused: 697 mi  /  1115.9 km
  • Boat: 15 mi  /  24 km
  • Walked: 162.8  mi  / 262  km
  • Total:  1,211.8 mi  / 1,943.9   km

Money Spent: $1,864.67 This is the amount spent on credit cards for the month, and ATM withdrawals through the end of the month.  We are averaging the conversion rate to a whole number example 8Q-$1 25C-$1 and not including ATM fees as we get those back thanks to our awesome bank!

Number of beds: 15 (including 2 floors on our trek)

Beers Drank (Adam): 77

Ice Cream Cone Consumption (Hannah): 15

Items lost, ditched, or other wise MIA:

Lost: 6 very expensive IB Profen pills (purchased in Guatemala), and Adam broke his only pair of size 15 sandals!!

Ditched: We sent all of this back home with our first visitor, cause we had WAY TOO MUCH STUFF! Full post to follow on what our new bags look like.



Best Of:

Best Beach:  Hermosa Beach, Nicaragua (The beach where Survivor Nicaragua was filmed)2 month

Best Bar: Ocelot – Antigua, Guatemala

2 month-4


Best Beer: Gato Malo: Volcano Brewing Co. – Costa Rica

2 month-3


Best Ice Cream: Ice cream bar we had on 2 day of our 50km trek!

Trek Day2-4


Cutest Kitty: This cat follow Hannah everywhere! At night she want to sleep with us too, she would sit outside the window and cry to come in.

2 month-2

Best Dish: Singapore chicken salad in Granada, Nicaragua

Los Patios-53


Best Sunset: San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua – On a Boat!Catamaran-23


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  1. Thanks for the recap posts!! We are really enjoying them- I think it’s one of the most interesting parts of a trip. I can’t BELIEVE how much stuff you sent back!! WOW- we are being SO stingy about what is getting packed so we avoid having too much!
    Lina recently posted..Kayaking Adventure at Meyers Beach Sea CavesMy Profile

  2. im really interested in hearing what you sent home. im planning for my trip and im racking my brain on what i need and dont need. thanks!

  3. todd blatchford 6 September, 2013 at 4:40 pm · · Reply

    great recap , havent seen anyone do that before on blogs . Really love watching your trip guys ,cheers , Blinky from down under

  4. Yes, recaps are an excellent idea. I’m surprised you counted the number of beers and ice-creams!
    Stefania recently posted..Chania and Heraklion: a mixed heritage.My Profile

  5. A littler over $1800 for a month of travel including 77 beers? Nice! I will be very interested to know what you sent back to WI, I’m not surprised that tackle box for your pills went back though- that thing is enormous!
    Eric recently posted..Free Stuff To Do In PortlandMy Profile

  6. I would like to see Hannah start matching the ice cream to beer consumption :)
    Rika | Cubicle Throwdown recently posted..And Now, Back to Diving.My Profile

  7. Great recap information! Think I might start doing it in NZ… we’ll see!
    Second the comment about about matching ice-cream/beer consumption rate!
    Bennett – The Further Adventures of Bennett recently posted..From Inner Mongolia to Fujian – a professional journeyMy Profile

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