Month 2 – Recap

I can’t believe it’s been 2 months already! We have done a lot of stuff and seen a lot of things already, each month we will recap our stats and favorites. Make sure to check out month 1 recap in case you missed it!

Miles Traveled

month map aug 13

  • Flown: 337 mi  /  542  km
  • Bused: 697 mi  /  1115.9 km
  • Boat: 15 mi  /  24 km
  • Walked: 162.8  mi  / 262  km
  • Total:  1,211.8 mi  / 1,943.9   km

Money Spent: $1,864.67 This is the amount spent on credit cards for the month, and ATM withdrawals through the end of the month.  We are averaging the conversion rate to a whole number example 8Q-$1 25C-$1 and not including ATM fees as we get those back thanks to our awesome bank!

Number of beds: 15 (including 2 floors on our trek)

Beers Drank (Adam): 77

Ice Cream Cone Consumption (Hannah): 15

Items lost, ditched, or other wise MIA:

Lost: 6 very expensive IB Profen pills (purchased in Guatemala), and Adam broke his only pair of size 15 sandals!!

Ditched: We sent all of this back home with our first visitor, cause we had WAY TOO MUCH STUFF! Full post to follow on what our new bags look like.



Best Of:

Best Beach:  Hermosa Beach, Nicaragua (The beach where Survivor Nicaragua was filmed) 2 month

Best Bar: Ocelot – Antigua, Guatemala

2 month-4


Best Beer: Gato Malo: Volcano Brewing Co. – Costa Rica

2 month-3


Best Ice Cream: Ice cream bar we had on 2 day of our 50km trek!

Trek Day2-4


Cutest Kitty: This cat follow Hannah everywhere! At night she want to sleep with us too, she would sit outside the window and cry to come in.

2 month-2

Best Dish: Singapore chicken salad in Granada, Nicaragua

Los Patios-53


Best Sunset: San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua – On a Boat! Catamaran-23


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14 thoughts on “Month 2 – Recap

  1. im really interested in hearing what you sent home. im planning for my trip and im racking my brain on what i need and dont need. thanks!

  2. great recap , havent seen anyone do that before on blogs . Really love watching your trip guys ,cheers , Blinky from down under

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