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By now you probably realize how much I liked Antigua, with all of the grand colonial architecture. It turns out that even McDonald’s is ridiculously beautiful in Antigua.

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Where else in the world can Ronald McDonald hang out in a glorious colonial court yard, with views of the ruins and Volcanoes. I am slightly jealous of Ron.

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Same same, but different

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The food tastes the same, exactly the same. Not just here, everywhere. Admittedly we have had McDonald’s in most countries we have been, and it is exactly, exactly the same. Fries, burgers, and most importantly (according to Hannah) the ice cream! My favorite part are the items you can’t find at home, McDonald’s puts in a good effort to fit in with their location with special menu items.

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  1. That place put’s my local McD’s to shame. When I get to India I really want to try the chicken maharaja mac. Did you try any of the local menu items?

    • There wasn’t really anything to local besides fried chicken. So I was guilty of getting the famous hamburger, fries, chicken nuggets with sweet & sour sauce, and a cone!! It was ooo so tasty! We can’t wait to try the McDonald’s in India too, won’t be any hamburgers there!
      Hannah recently posted..Denied by the Guatemalan GovermentMy Profile

  2. Holy! That is a gorgeous McDonalds. I always try to hit up Mickey Ds in every country I go to, and try their ‘different’ menu items too. So far the shrimp burger at McDonalds Japan has been my favorite find!
    Rika | Cubicle Throwdown recently posted..And Now, Back to Diving.My Profile

  3. Wow! I can’t even begin to imagine a McDonald’s in the states looking like that!

  4. wow! This is certainly one of the most informative articles I have read haha,… a certain must see :-P Thats one stylish maccas!
    rebecca recently posted..Travel & Design – Travel Website InspirationMy Profile

  5. I actually had part of my Spanish lass in that McDonalds every day! Who would’ve thought a McDonalds would be such a relaxing and perfect place to study!
    Katie recently posted..Surfing the New Hampshire SeaCoastMy Profile

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