Capture the Colour 2013

Capture the colour

06 Oct Capture the Colour 2013

Below are our entries for the ‘Capture the Colour’ photo contest put on by Travel Supermarket. I have selected a photo from each of the five color categories that showcase each: Yellow, Red, Green, White, and Blue. Some I knew Instantly which photo I would choose others took some belabored decisions. I wanted to have some cohesion though the different colors, so I have assembled a collection involving buildings and perspective. I hope you enjoy my pick of pics!

Overall Theme: ‘An Alternative Perspective’

Capture the Colour: Yellow

Capture The Colour 2013 - Yellow

Location: Antigua, Guatemala

When I think of the color yellow… I think of the beautiful colonial city of Antigua. Nearly ever third house, and just about every prominent building in town is this quintessentially Antigua shade of YELLOW! My favorite photo of the thousands I took in Antigua, is of the Hermano Pedro Hospital, just as two tuk-tuks cross paths.

Capture the Colour: Red

Capture The Colour 2013 - Red - Doors-2

Location: Unknown Exactly, Somewhere outside of Valladolid, Mexico

We took a break from the beaches of Tulum, Mexico on our last trip to rent a car and do some self exploring. We set out to see the Coba Ruins, and a few cenotes, but the highlights of the day were stumbling across the town of Valliadad, and just outside the city there was a small village where we pulled off to try and teach Hannah to drive manual transmission in our rental car (which also happened to be Red, Bonus points, *cough). As our car jerks and shakes along the streets of this tiny village, we find a massive cathedral in a bit of disrepair. The doors featured in this picture are hung on a small side building of the charmingly dilapidated building. Sometimes the best travel moments happen when you get yourself a little lost.

Capture the Colour: Green

Capture The Colour 2013 - Green-2

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

I love this photo because it if you have been, you instantly know your are at the Grand Place in Bangkok. The subtle emerald green of the elephant is set off over the white palace, and crowned by the ornate golden roof. We visited Thailand on our honeymoon for the first time where we fell in love with the bustling, but beautiful city.

Capture the Colour: White

Capture The Colour 2013 - White

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

The scale and the detail in every building, statue, and temple of the sites in Bangkok has always amazed me. These larger than life 15 foot stone statues, intimidating guards stand watch over the doors of Wat Poh Temple. This photo was shot in full color on an over cast day in late March, which adds to the drama of these ornate beasts.

Capture the Colour: Blue

Capture The Colour 2013 - Blue

Location: Cali, Colombia

This photo offers a different perspective of the Gothic cathedral of Ermita. The light blue church with white trim contrast against blue skies, just as the sun peaks over the ornate Gothic accents, giving a bright white star-burst. We put nearly 40 miles on our shoes with just 4 days in the city of Cali, Colombia. We made it to the church just as the light was tip-toeing along the roof line of this gem of architecture.


The other great part of this competition is you get to nominate other to show their best pics, and I choose to nominate a few of our favorites:

Wish me good luck in the contest!


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