It finally happened…


03 Dec It finally happened…

5 months and 3 days into our trip, and our 19th flight. Our first travel snag, we’re on the beaches overlooking the Great Barrier Reef, but our bags aren’t!


I probably shouldn’t talk about this because it will probably send us into a spiral of transport mishaps, but I will anyway.

I should have suspected it, as we sat in the airport waiting for our connecting flight Hannah was catching me up on some of our favorite bloggers and where they are in the world, and she came across some one who had just landed in Australia without his bags the same day. I wanted to leave a joking comment but didn’t.

The second tip off was that as we landed and walked through to baggage claim Hannah was telling me about her horoscope for the next week and it wasn’t a good one.

No sooner than we buy our non refundable bus tickets to town, the baggage belt drags to a stop, and white metal door comes down signifying the last of the luggage has been delivered. I pan around the waiting area, which was thinning as it was, now left quite and empty.


This is not the news you want to hear when you started your day just before 3am, you are wearing pants that you have hiked for several days in New Zealand. Every once and a while getting a whiff that reminds you that they are still on, even though they are over due for a washing, now into the 90 degree heat of the Whitsunday islands.

The up and downside

The positive here is that Hannah has always been adamant on sticking back up clothes into the carry on, making sure to have a thing or two for most climates, just in case. But no toiletries thanks to the 3oz rule! The downside is I now I will have to listen to her brag for a while on how she saved the day.



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