Kiwi Krawl Day 14 – Last day & Whale watching

NZ - Day 14 Whales Kaikoura-11

06 Dec Kiwi Krawl Day 14 – Last day & Whale watching

kiwi krawl map day 14

Day stats:
Distance driven: 212.2
Photos taken: 182
Camp Site: YMCA Hostal Christchurch

Sunrise and beachside coffeeNZ - Day 14 Dolphins Kaikoura

Being our last day we got up before the sun did and headed down to the water for sun up. We had just enough gas for the camp stove to heat up some water for coffee while we waited for the sun.

Whale watchingNZ - Day 14 Whales Kaikoura-4

The Kaikoura peninsula is home to some of the best year round whale watching opportunities in the world. They owe it to the massive canyon system just under the surface off the shores here. This system sustains a high powered underwater food system that keeps the whales, and many other species coming back.

NZ - Day 14 Whales Kaikoura-5

Whale Watch Kaikoura boasts a hard to believe 95% success rate on their trips, and they even have a 80% money back guaranty on the rare day when you don’t get to see a whale.

NZ - Day 14 Whales Kaikoura-3

The whales tend to hangout just a short boat ride from shore, in the massive canyon system. Using high tech sonar detecting instruments the crew tracks down where, and an idea of when, the whales might pop up. We cruised with them the day after a storm and the whales were playing a little hard to get, but they tracked down a large male sperm whale toward the end of our tour and he was worth the wait.

NZ - Day 14 Whales Kaikoura-6

He stayed and let us take shots for nearly five minutes, but before we knew it, he was tail up and diving down, not to return for nearly an hour.

NZ - Day 14 Whales Kaikoura-7 NZ - Day 14 Whales Kaikoura-8 NZ - Day 14 Whales Kaikoura-9 NZ - Day 14 Whales Kaikoura-10 NZ - Day 14 Whales Kaikoura-11 NZ - Day 14 Whales Kaikoura-12


It’s been fun PeachesNZ - Day 12 Nelson-17

After our tour in Kaikoura and saying good bye to the whales, it was time to say another goodbye, this time to our trusty and colorful campervan that we have come to call “Peaches”.

Kiwi Krawl Day 4-10

She took us 3225.2 Km (2015.8 Miles) in our short 14 days together. We are going to miss her, well kinda. I am happy to be sleeping in a real bed again, and not living in a van down by a river.

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