What are we getting for Christmas 2013?

San Blas Islands - Panama-4

15 Dec What are we getting for Christmas 2013?

Ho… Ho… Ho…

It looks like we have had two very good travelers this year, well at least they are getting gifts like they were good…

San Blas Islands - Panama-4

So you want to know what’s on under our travel Christmas tree? Well first of all the tree is going to be a palm tree on the islands off the shore of Thailand. Secondly, we are lucky enough to have family, Hannah’s parents, joining us for the holidays!

Hannah and Adam at Getting Stamped-5

Our Christmas gifts are mostly to continue to trim down, and improve our packs, with a little bit of fun stuff sprinkled in.

A new camera lens for Adam:

zoom lens

To accompany my new wide angle and to get me back to carrying just two lenses. This all in one should cover the full spectrum of my current lenses ‘all in one’. I will be testing out the image quality in Thailand. We will see if it lives up to the quotes: “Tamron’s next generation 18-270mm, the world’s lightest, smallest 15x zoom optimized for use on APS-C- DSLRs, continues the pursuit of the ideal all-in one zoom lens.”


A Watch for Hannah

mk watch

The very practical traveling watch…


Jean Shorts for HannahGear - Hannah's Favorites-8

Because the Humidity is getting bad, not that Hannah’s butt is getting bigger.


Hard Drive 2TB


Our hard drives are getting pretty full, and with the addition of more videos to the blog it’s sucking up space. We already have filled up a 1 tb external hard drive so it was time to upgrade to the WD My Passport Slim 2TB Portable Metal External Hard Drive USB 3.0 with Auto Backup.



What says Christmas like bikinis?

New Travel Bra!

Gear - Hannah's Favorites

Hannah loves her new bra so much she needed another one, it is actually one her favorite things list.

Unlocked Samsung Note 2

note 2

We finally broke down and bought a very expensive unlocked mobile device, we previously bought a look a like Samsung on eBay only to be disappointed, but we know the potential is there. We ended up running our website off of an unlocked phone and a data plan while in New Zealand. It was nice to be able to push the wifi to all of our devices while driving down the road, we just need a more reliable phone. Another positive with our own private network, plus our VPN service our data is about is secure as its going to get. Hopefully this will be a gift to you to as it should allow us to bring you better stuff sooner! Its all about you really!

What travel gifts are under your tree?



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