If you are new to Getting Stamped, we happen to be complete BEACH LOVERS! If there is a good beach near by, you can bet we will find it. 2013 is coming to an end and made us think about some of our favorite places of the year, and we would thought it would be fun to recap our favorite beaches we visited in 2013. We have had loads of beach days, but these stick out as our favorites.

1. San Blas Island, PanamaSan Blas Islands - Panama-2 When you think of Panama your mind probably goes to a canal, but this thin strip of land is home to our favorite beach of the year! The San Blas islands on the Atlantic side of Panama has an extremely remote feeling that is tough to find, and the water is stunning. 2. Sun tan Beach, FijiFiji Tops-16 Here for a limited time only, this beach is only open for tanning certain hours, low tide brings this beach out above the crystal clear waters of the South Pacific.

3. Whithaven Beach, AustraliaWhithaven Just look at those swirls… The hyper white sand… The bright blue water… This would probably taken top honors if it weren’t for those meddling jellyfish. The sand that graces this beach is some of the purest silicon in the world. The white stuff from this beach was actually used to make the glass in the Hubble telescope. The only problem is… you can’t get in the water for fear of getting stung by the box jellyfish, bummer. The only way in: jump into a full body wet suit so you can lounge in the crystal blue water with your fashionable all black gear!

4. Tulum, MexicoTulum Beach Just look at it! The soft, white sand stretches for miles along the bright blue waters of the Caribbean in the southern Yucatan of Mexico. The small, low key town located two hours south of Cancun is home to one of our all time favorite beaches.

5. Silk Cayes, BelizeSilk cayes 20 miles off the coast of Belize lie a few piles of sand surrounded by coral reef, a day trip out here from Placencia isn’t a bad way to spend a day!

6. Water Caye, HondurasWater Caye Off the western side of the island of Utila, Honduras lie a few small uninhabited islands to frolic on for the day. The water is the color of a swimming pool with plenty of coral around to explore.

7.Red beach in Galapagos, Ecuador50 shades of Galapagos-23 How often do you see a bright red beach covered in sea lions? Need I say more?

8. Punta Uva, Costa RicaCosta Rica Caribbean Beaches - punta uva-2   We had this entire beach ALMOST to ourselves, only 3 others to share with. Big plot of sand, and only 3 people to share with!

9.Maya Bay, ThailandHannah and Adam at Getting Stamped-5   This beach first became famous, almost TOO famous thanks Leonardo DiCaprio and the movie “The Beach.”  This beach would have scored much higher if it had’t become so popular, and now over run with tourists.  Still gorgeous and a must see, but be prepared to share the sand.

10.Placencia, BelizePlacencia-5   Beautiful beach, but what it made it pop to us was the lively boardwalk full of restaurants & bars that are right on the beach.  Ice cream & beach bars and we’re SOLD! Have you been to any of our favorites? What are you favorite beaches? We are always look for a new beach to add to our ever growing route!

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  1. Unfortunately, I haven’t visited any of your favourite beaches but if you’re still in Thailand, I would recommend Hat Sai Kaew on Ko Samet. I’ve been to Ko Samet three times and enjoyed all of them. Hat Sai Kaew seems to be a fun part of the island.
    Rashaad recently posted..The BluesMy Profile

  2. Wow! They all look like paradise and I couldn’t decide which one I like most! Have a happy new year!
    Stef recently posted..What to do in Córdoba with bad weatherMy Profile

  3. From beach pro to beach pro.. Love your selection! in Costa Rica I also enjoyed Manuel Antonio beach and in Thailand Koh Lipe..


  4. And I thought Santorini’s red and black beaches were cool! Red sand + seals = AMAZEBALLS.
    NZ Muse recently posted..A mantra for 2014 (and beyond)My Profile

  5. great selection of ideas thanks , as always loving your travel blogs
    tharobster recently posted..goa 2014 – its a top laugh ! so many cool things to do . GOA ГОА INDIAMy Profile

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