28 Countries in 365 days of travel~ Hannah’s Top 5 countries revealed

Over the past 365 days on our RTW trip we have traveled to 28 countries, and backpacked through countless cities. The first 50 days flew by so fast, and we learned early on that keeping a blog up to date and traveling is HARD work. We have so many stories and information to share with you, but haven’t had enough time. Stay tuned….But I think it’s time I share with you my favorite countries.

5 favorite places in the world hannah

If I only had a $1 every time someone asked me my favorite place. I don’t have a favorite place, but instead have favorite countries in every part of the world. Let’s start of with some of travel destinations and why. I choose one from each continent we have visited:



We spent 17 days exploring Guatemala, most of our time was spent in Antigua which is still one of favorite cities in the world. I tried to learn Spanish, keyword TRIED, I have learned that 5 hours a day 5 days a week with 1 on 1 lessons is a little too much. I did learn a good amount of Spanish, I survived didn’t I? Antigua was a gorgeous city everything about it was beautiful. The architecture of the houses, churches, the volcano in the background, and even the prettiest Mc Donald’s I’ve ever seen.


Adam fell in love with Guatemala on day 1, when he realized a beer was cheaper than a diet coke. Yes, this is true for 50 cents a beer and usually 60-75 cents during happy hour at a rooftop bar. On top of cheap beer, the food was equally as cheap and good. Even though I was tortilla’d out by the end of time.

Our 3 day trek in Guatemala was a highlight for sure, but at the time of trekking it was a low light. It was intense, and my first “real” hike. I am glad I did it, but happy to say I will never do it again! I enjoyed our 3 nights at Lago Atitlan, and wish to return there for some peaceful relaxing nights.

Lago Sunrise-4


Coffee Farm Work - Salento, Colombia-9

Colombia was our first stop in South America, and completely different from Central America. We traveled to Cartagena, Cali, and Salento. We feel hard in love for the small town of Salento in the coffee zone. Salento is a small town, we would walk all around town popping in all the little coffee shops and just enjoy the day. We felt so safe here, Salento has a perfect temperature not to hot not to cold. Adam even got to see what it is like to work in the coffee fields. We know we will be back, next time probably for a month.

The Fat Dogs of Salento, colombia-3


Malawi - school

Malawi is country that we fell in love with the people. I saw no evil in anyone, everyone was so happy and full of life. I felt so welcomed here, and I cannot wait to go back. Malawi does not necessary have much to offer in forms of safari wildlife, or activities BUT it is a gorgeous country. We spent 5 days in different camps along Lake Malawi. We visited a school, a school without desks that has opened our eyes forever.  The people of Malawi have so little and need so much help, we hope to return next year.

Malawi Village-2

New Zealand

Kiwi Krawl Day 4-10

Before touching down in New Zealand, every traveler we had met listed New Zealand as one of there top 3 places if not number 1. I didn’t know what to expect, I had high expectations, and I admit I wasn’t let down. We rented a camper-van for 2 weeks and drove over 3000km exploring the South Island. Every turn we took we were pulling over to take a picture, as it just kept getting prettier. Make sure to check out our New Zealand video of all our favorite photos here. We did everything from skydiving, whale watching, swim with the dolphins, Milford Sound, wine tasting, hang-gliding, Fox Glacier climbing, star gazing, glow worms, and much much more. We plan to head back to New Zealand, just need to save some money as New Zealand isn’t cheap.

NZ - Kiwi Krawl Day 10-11


7 month recap - Koh Lipe

We first visited Thailand in 2012 on our honeymoon, which played a huge part in taking our RTW trip. This year we returned to Bangkok, and we loved it even more than the first time around. We even talked my parent’s into coming to Thailand and started in Bangkok what an adventure that was. Found an amazing cat cafe I was in heaven, not sure what my was thinking…Thailand has amazing islands and beaches, this year we discovered our new favorite Thai Island Koh Lipe, Thailand and rented an amazing beach bungalow steps from the sea it was paradise.

Thailand - Chinatown food

We also ventured up north and settled into Chiang Mai where we rented an apartment for a month. We had a kitchen so we were able to cook some of our favorites from home, but also took a Thai cooking class so we could replicate them in our apartment. Chiang Mai just felt right we joined a gym, had friends, celebrated my 30th birthday, felt safe walking alone, amazing Thai massages for $5 an hour, got my hair done and looks amazing, and so much more. We are planning on returning next year to settle down and catch up on the blog, trying to talk Adam into a 6 month rental. FINGERS CROSSED as I am craving some authentic Thai green curry YUMMY!

7 month recap - Koh Lipe - Penang Curry

So there they are my top 5 countries. Have you been to any of them? If so, what did you think of them? If not, are they on the top of your travel bucket list?

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34 thoughts on “28 Countries in 365 days of travel~ Hannah’s Top 5 countries revealed

  1. I get asked that all the time, too. Favorite country or favorite city. Country is between New Zealand, Italy or Spain. City, hands down Rome.

    • It seems like just yesterday, crazy how fast time has flown by. Guatemala is amazing, we plan to return to Central America in 2015/2016 not sure when this trip will end…
      Hannah recently posted..Petting LionsMy Profile

  2. Of the five countries listed above, I’ve only visited Thailand (and I’m dying to return), but I would love to visit New Zealand. Provided I go there during their summertime.

    P.S. I love the picture of Ronald McDonald :)
    Rashaad recently posted..Foam Finger FunMy Profile

  3. I’ve just returned from Thailand and it’s a wonderful country. We visited the Eastern part – Koh Samui, Nangyuan, Tao and Ang Thong Marine Park, where we saw monkeys enjoying their freedom. The beaches are out of this world, especially in Nangyuan and Ang Thong and the snorkeling is incredible in Koh Tao.
    I also enjoyed Bangkok and Ayutthaya (probably my favorite part of Thailand in terms of sightseeing as I haven’t been to Chiang Mai).
    Thai people are not the most honest in the world, but most of them are kind and helpful. It’s a destination I would definitely recommend to everyone, especially to beach lovers.

    • We haven’t been to any of those parts of Thailand, YET! Thailand has so many more beaches that we are yet to explore, hoping to lay my beach towel down on a bunch more next year. We hope to return to Thailand and get an apartment for 3-6 months to catch up and get in some more beach time.
      Hannah recently posted..How to take star photos in AfricaMy Profile

  4. Great list! Of these five countries, I have only been to Guatemala and Thailand. I totally agree with you…..Thailand is amazing! We have now stayed in Bangkok for 2 months, getting our blog up running. Yep, can relate to your cravings for Thai Green Curry, it`s the best! :) Hope you succeed with talking Adam into staying in Chiang Mai for 6 months.

    Would love to visit New Zealand one day, although I hear it is a big similar to my home country Norway.
    Maria from Nerd Nomads recently posted..Stepping Back In Time In Chinatown – BangkokMy Profile

  5. Out of your top 5 I’ve only been to Thailand. It’s so great that I have been here for almost 4 years on and off. I now use it as a base for traveling from and it’s where I call home. Your top 5 looks great though and I will get around to visiting them eventually. But I still have a big list to work my way through.
    Manfred recently posted..The Top 5 Beaches In SpainMy Profile

    • I love Belize! Placencia we looked at real estate and would still considering moving there as it would be perfect for an expat. The beaches and diving is awesome. It is just so hard to pick 5….I think I need to get back to Belize, a week in Caye Caulker sounds amazing.
      Hannah recently posted..Petting LionsMy Profile

  6. Your site is amazing. You have really poured a lot into it and all the links and tips are fab. So interesting to read your top 5. We are headed to Central America next so I’m going to make sure and set aside a decent amount of time for Guatemala. Happy travels from Anna + Oscar

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