Blood Moon Chiang Mai, Thailand – April 2015

Blood Moon Chiang Mai, Thailand – April 2015

On April 4th, 2015 there was a rare cosmic event that you might have missed if you weren’t looking up at the night sky. If you happened to look up at the right time you might have noticed something was missing, the moon. On April 4th there was a total lunar eclipse, which was the first and only for this year in Thailand. A lunar eclipse is when the earth blocks out all of the sun’s light from hitting the moon. The light still manages to bend around the earth and light up the moon dimly. As the light passes around the earth it becomes red from the dust in the atmosphere. That red light hits the moon making it appear red in color, hence the name blood moon.

Blood Moon April 2015-2

Last 25% of Eclipse

For us here in Chiang Mai the Lunar eclipse was already in progress by time the sun was stating to set. The official moon rise for Chiang Mai was at 6:34pm, just before sunset. The best place to see this event would have been in the South Pacific Islands or New Zealand where the moon would have been high in the sky when the eclipse began. There were also some dense clouds around the city so we missed the first half of the eclipse. However, shortly after 8pm the moon made an appearance with the earth’s shadow already halfway across. The color was an orange-red and slightly dimmed as the scientists predicted it would be.

Blood Moon April 2015-5

We watched the moon rise and make its way out of the earth’s shadow to shine a totally full moon. The air was still quite hazy in Chiang Mai from the burning of the fields so the pictures are lacking a little crispness. The details of the craters are slightly softer than they would be with clear skies. Even though conditions weren’t perfect in Chiang Mai it was still fun to climb up to our roof top for a few pictures of the rare moon.

Blood Moon April 2015-7

Eclipse Nearly Over

To take these photos I used a DSLR camera with a telephoto lens a Sigma 150-500mm with a 2x teleconverter mounted on a tripod.

Blood Moon April 2015-6

Post Eclipse

  • Alana
    Posted at 12:42h, 04 April Reply

    Seriously awesome photos! Unfortunately, we can’t see it here in Cape Town. You guys ready for your trip to Africa?

    • Hannah
      Posted at 20:03h, 04 April Reply

      Yeah there were only select places you could see it. Getting ready but never sure you can be 100% ready for Africa!

  • Piritta
    Posted at 08:57h, 05 April Reply

    Wow, great looking pictures! Unfortunately we pretty much missed the blood moon here in Finland..

  • rebecca
    Posted at 22:49h, 07 April Reply

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! These photos and the experience would of been amazing

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