Day 2: Lago Atitlan Trek – Ice Cream Day

Day 2: Lago Atitlan Trek – Ice Cream Day

We awoke expecting to be too sore to move, but instead almost felt better that the 1st day. Spurred on by the promise of ice cream, Hannah was ready to take on Day 2 also.

First stop is the Comidor (The Spanish word for small local restaurant) for a hearty breakfast of eggs, beans, rice, and of course piles and piles of tortillas!

Trek Day2-3

The hiking of the day starts with a hours walk on a gravel road out of last night’s town, Santa Catarina.

A little early morning comedy, well not for Hannah, she was a bit nervous to use the facilities the night before (for good reason) so after breakfast and a little hiking some need to find a hidden trail.

Trek Day2 Trek Day2-2

We pass through several valleys the ought the morning with some amazing views.

Victory Hill time

Trek Day3-7

To break up the morning and activate everyone’s competitive spirit there is one set of intense switch backs where you can challenge the best recorded time. The time to beat 9:11 minutes. We were just short of that coming in at about 26 minutes. However we were told there had been worse, thankfully.

Ice cream!

Trek Day2-4

After making our tough climbs for the day it’s time for ice cream. Hannah claims its some of the best she has had in a long time, maybe it was the fact we had hiked 35km by this point.

Trek Day2-5

Lunch is earlier on day two in a nice little clearing with valley views, and there in the far distance is the day two’s rest stop.

Giant Corn Fields, I have know idea how the shorter Mayans can pick this corn. Some were nearly 15 feet tall (5m)

Giant Corn Fields, I have know idea how the shorter Mayans can pick this corn. Some were nearly 15 feet tall (5m)

Trek Day2-7

On the way to our rest stop for tonight we passed through fields of giant corn, and crossed the same river 9 times as we wound toward town! Tonight we sleep with Don Pedro, apparently somewhat of  an international man of mystery in his town. He has constructed a special room in his home just to host the Quetzaltrekkers when they come through. He shares his house with us, where he and a few of his children and their families live. 12 grandchildren to be exact, some very cute and curious little kids. Our group may have been guilty of sugaring them up with marshmallows as we roasted them.

Oh and I almost forgot they fed us a huge meal too. Not to mention we called in our smoothie order from the trail, and our fresh fruit blended drinks were waiting for us when we arrived. Dinner was a nice piece of chicken with all the traditional sides, super good after 10 hours of hiking.

Sleeping was a nice step up from the community center floor. Tonight’s bed was still a floor but with a bonus straw mat, and a much smaller and warmer room.

Everyone was out like a light by 8pm from the days hike and the anticipation of our 3:45am wake up call to make the sunrise.

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  • TammyOnTheMove
    Posted at 23:24h, 04 September Reply

    The scenery is sooo stunning! What a beautiful place to go hiking. Love the giant corn.

    • Hannah
      Posted at 18:31h, 06 September Reply

      Thanks! It was a great but crazy trip for sure. The corn was super big, we tried to get the pictures to show people how big it really was!

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