Meet a Traveler: Karisa from Flirting with the Globe

Meet a Traveler: Karisa from Flirting with the Globe

Meet Karisa from Flirting with the Globe


The who are you ?’s

1.) Who are you and where do you hail from?

Hi, I’m Karisa Klee!  I was born and raised in the land of beer and cheese (Milwaukee, WI), but currently live in Atlanta, GA.  Despite being a “Southerner” for nearly 10 years, I still consider myself a proud Midwesterner.

2.) How did you meet your partner in crime? How long have you known each other?

My partner in crime (for travel and otherwise) is my husband, Ryan.  He’s also an attorney and (technically) a “competitor” of mine in the legal industry.  We were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend in 2011.   Although he isn’t actively involved with the site, he was the one who convinced me to start blogging.

3.) What jobs did you kick to the curb in order to travel?

Interesting you should ask that… I’m still a working stiff!  I’m a full-time practicing attorney, but a strong work ethic (and probably a little luck) has parlayed me into a great, flexible job working for pretty awesome boss.

4.) Explain your website name, where did it come from/how did you come up with it?

Because I’m not a full-time traveler like many bloggers, my site caters to the travel-obsessed souls who are forced to work within their two, three, four weeks of vacation annually by “flirting” with destinations – making the most of your limited time in a city or country.  That said, the vast majority of the insight and tips discussed in my posts can be found helpful by any type of traveler (or arm chair traveler)!

My close friend, travel companion and FWTG contributor, Crystal, helped me come up with the blog title.  After bouncing ideas off each other for several days, the title (Flirting with the Globe) and tagline (My Love Affair with the World) came together pretty organically.

The fun ?’s

1.) What’s the most under-estimated country & why?  

Portugal!  Many travelers overlook Portugal in lieu of a trip to better-known neighboring Spain, but Portugal has so much to offer – beaches, castles, port wine caves, bustling cities, (I could go on and on)… Plus, Portugal is a steal since the prices are a good bit lower than any other Western European country.

2.) What’s your biggest travel mishap?

My girlfriends and I found ourselves hopelessly lost in Cairo, Egypt.  We were deep within a part of the traditional Islamic district where tourists don’t frequent.  We couldn’t find anyone who could read or speak English (and we, unfortunately, do not read or speak Arabic).  Eventually, after a crowd of no less than 10 helpful locals formed around us attempting to assist us, we were able to give directions by what turned into an epic game of Charades.

3.) What luxuries did you forego in order to save for your travels?

When I first started practicing law vacation time was hard to come by, so I found myself constantly eyeing up my next designer handbag or pair of shoes.  Now that I have more experience under my belt and am afforded the opportunity to travel more, my shopaholic habits have come to a halt.  It’s an easy decision for me to prioritize a weekend getaway to a city I’ve never been to over a pair of red-soled high-heels.

4.) What country has the best $1usd menu? What can one expect to get for $1US?  

If I have to choose just one, I’ll go with Vietnam.  I could eat pho and bahn mi every day!


Quick & Dirty (1-2 word answers)

1. Favorite beach:  Red Beach, Santorini, Greece

2. #1 must have travel item: Bumble & Bumble Dry Shampoo

3. Zip-off pants or no zip-off pants: To each their own, but it’s a NO for this girl!

4. Favorite beer:  Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy

5. Favorite ice-cream flavor: Salted Carmel

6. How many stamps in your passport? 37 stamps in my current passport (I’m on #2).

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