My favorite Sydney

My favorite Sydney

Sydney is a city full of larger than life landmarks during our time in the city we got to see and even climb on some of them.

The Harbor BridgeSydney Harbor Bridge Climb-5

Everyone sees or at least crosses the bridge spanning Sydney’s world-famous harbor, but we took it to the next level and climbed all the way to the top! Some of the best views of the city are had from the 300+ meter apex. Plus it’s a rush to get up there, just a small cable linking you to the iron bridge.

Sydney Harbor Cruise-9

The Opera HouseSydney Harbor Cruise

Nothing says Sydney more than the mid-century modern white structure built along the harbor. Take in this icon from a bunch of spots around the city, or head to the opera bar and spend the afternoon listening to the live music with a drink in hand and views of the opera house and harbor.

The RocksWhen Rum Ran The Rocks-3

After a long day of exploring the city, our favorite spot after sun down was the part of town known as the rocks. These rocks were the first western settlement on the continent and the birth place of Sydney. Nowadays it is one of the major nightlife spots, with its streets lined with restaurants and pubs.

Bondi BeachBondi Beach

If it’s not the landmarks that come to your mind when thinking about Sydney, then surely it’s this stretch of sand known worldwide: Bondi Beach. Spend a day lazing around on the sand, or hiking one of the many walks along the coast. Where taking a hiking break or escaping the sun, behind the beach is lined with restaurants of all kinds serving hungry beach goers.

Where to Next?

Most transcontinental flights will get to Australia via Sydney, from there the continent is full of places to see. One of the best ways to explore Australia is by campervan, pick up a campervan rental in Sydney and hit the open road. For the water and beach lovers, the northeast coast is lined with the world’s largest reef system the Great Barrier Reef. Base yourself in Airlie beach or Cairns to dive or lie on the beaches. If that’s not your scene, try Melbourne for a more laid back version of Sydney, full of coffee shops, restaurants, and pubs. If Sydney is as far as you will make it, try a day trip to the blue mountains for some magnificent landscapes!


Wherever you go in this one of a kind continent you won’t be disappointed!

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