8 Out Of This World Places To Visit In 2019

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Are you looking for a little wanderlust? Well, you’ve come to the right place! As you all know, we are slightly addicted to traveling and for the past 5.5 years, it’s become our full-time job. Even with all that traveling, we have only seen a fraction of the world, we have so much more to explore but only so much time.

A few months ago we started using Baaz, a discovery and sharing platform that is saving us a ton of time on social media. Now instead of going to CNN for news, Twitter, Facebook, etc. we just go to Baaz. We can post on multiple platforms at once and get all the trending news right in one app. Make sure to read our Baaz guide it has everything you need to know about Baaz. So with all that extra free time we now have more time to plan our next travel adventure. We’ve put together a list of 8 epic places to visit in 2018. Some of them we’ve been to and we’d go back to in a heartbeat because they are just so awesome and some places we are dying to get to. Here are our top picks and travel trends for 2018.

8 Epic Places To Visit in 2019

The Train Ride to Kandy is some of the Best in Sri Lanka

1. Sri Lanka

You’re first probably wondering where is Sri Lanka – it’s the small island nation just off the tip of India. This little country has a little bit of everything to offer. There are great beaches, tons of history with interesting culture. The food will blow you away in the best way possible. Then there are the things you don’t expect like Sri Lanka is home to The highest leopard population in the world in Yala National Park. Come hang out with friendly locals, enjoy great outdoor adventures, all in Sri Lanka in 2018.

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2. Antartica

There is no destination like Antartica, and the sooner you get here the better. Earlier this year a massive iceberg three times the size of greater London and twice the volume of Lake Erie broke off, the complete story here. We hope to make it to our 7th continent in 2018. Antartica cruises typically run November through February. Besides being able to say we’ve been to all continents, there are some amazing photo opportunities here.

3. Anguilla

If penguins and freezing weather aren’t your thing head to the gorgeous Caribbean island of Anguilla. Most recently Anguilla has been in the news for being the epicenter of Hurricane Irma, and it’s true Anguilla got hit bad. We visited the island in April and instantly fell in love, so it was hard to see the island devastated by the hurricane. The island and locals need our support more than ever.

Most people think they can’t visit this year, but that’s not the case. Many businesses are open and the locals really depend on the tourist during the short winter season. We can help support them by visiting. On our last trip we stayed at CeBlue Anguilla, they are open and the villas are gorgeous situated high on the hills over Crocus Bay. Sadly Sandy Island was destroyed, but they are rebuilding so be sure to check to see if it’s open during your visit.

4. Norway

It doesn’t get too much more epic than the landscapes of Norway. In all seasons warm and cold Norway is loaded with unique travel experiences. The winter is all about northern lights and snow capped mountains and pines. While the summer months are a great time to sail the fjords with their massive cliffs and waterfalls. Another must see in Norway is the world famous Trolltunga or troll’s tongue. This insane rock formation is bringing tourist here largely thanks to Instagram. We suggest getting to Norway before the line for that famous Troll’s Tounge selfie line gets any longer.

5. Namibia

Namibia is one of those overlooked places in the world. IT’s the second least populated place in the entire world but has some of our favorite sites we’ve ever seen. We’ve gone on two overland African safaris, making our way from Kenya to South Africa and camping for the entire 68 days. There’s just something special about Namibia. We are dying to go back and self-drive Namibia ourselves next time. If you want a traditional safari to see lions, elephants, giraffes, cheetas then head to Etosha National Park. If you want a gorgeous coastal town with sand dunes in the backyard to play on then head to Swakopmund. Lastly, you can’t leave Namibia without seeing Deadvlei and one of a kind Spitzkoppe (pictured above).

Hot air balloons pass over a temple in Bagan Myanmar

6. Myanmar

Myanmar (Burma) is a hot travel destination that we can’t urge you enough to visit right now. The country is changing so fast that it won’t be the same in even two years. We spent two weeks in Myanmar in 2017, it was actually our first trip of the year. Our highlight of the trip was waking up early in the morning in Bagan climbing the temples for sunrise and watching the balloons over Bagan soar through the sky. Soon you will not be able to climb the temples, which is good to preserve them but also will limit your visit. If you’re looking for a unique romantic place consider a Myanmar honeymoon.

Denali mountain in alaska is a top place to visit in 2018

7. Alaska

If you’re looking for a road trip of a lifetime consider driving to Alaska. We made the 10,000 mile trip from Wisconsin this summer and it was more than we could have ever imagined. Most people cruise to Alaska, which is amazing but you don’t get to see much of the interior of Alaska. The glaciers in Alaska are insane but there is so much more to Alaska than ice. Some of our favorites were taking a Denali flightseeing tour and literally landing at base camp, walking with grizzly bears in Lake Clark National Park, 24 hours of daylight, driving Hatcher Pass, halibut fishing in Homer, and much more.

couple on a jeep on a Aruba Natural Pool Tour Package

8. Aruba

We’ve spent our fair share island hopping in the Caribbean and Aruba really impressed us. We thought Aruba was going to be a one-note destination with gorgeous beaches but not much else. We had no idea how diverse the island is. One side does have those gorgeous white sandy beaches, but the other side is a rugged and wild desert-like environment. Here you’ll find more cacti than palm trees and sea caves and rock arches instead of beaches.

To truly explore Aruba you’ll need a 4x4 vehicle to make it to the best stuff. Our favorites were the Aruba Natural Pool located in the Arikok National Park and the Natural Bridge. There are tons of adventures day trip on the island and day trips out on the ocean. A week in Aruba isn’t just laying on the beach all day, you won’t be bored in Aruba.

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    We would love to visit sri Lanka though, maybe another one to add to the bucket list


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