5 Jobs You Can Do While on the Road

Whether you aspire to a nomadic globetrotting lifestyle or just want to be able to spend more time at the beach, it is possible to become location-independent so that you can earn enough to support yourself while living out your dreams.

Below you’ll find five jobs – and some pros and cons of each – that let you combine adventure with making an income.

1. Sales Representative

Sales jobs where you are responsible for an area or territory are a great way to hit the road with relative security. Even though at least part of the salary is usually commission based, the money is good and regular and your expenses are covered by your employer. The hours can be long though and there often isn’t a lot of flexibility in where you go or for how long, and there may also be a significant amount of time spent in the office too.

2. Entrepreneurial Business Owner

You don’t need to be an inventor to be an innovator. You’ll need a sound business model to be successful and there will be some start-up costs and time investments to establish your business. But, overall, there is definitely scope to base yourself wherever you like without exorbitant overheads when you run your own company.

3. Digital Business Owner

Virtually any occupation can be freelanced nowadays and there are a plethora of websites that connect clients with consultants. Web design, writing, book keeping and personal assistant services all work really well in this format. You get to control when, where and how much you work, but it can take time to build up a reputation. And because you’re working on a global platform, you may be competing with people who are happy to earn much less than you need, so the income can be fickle.

4. Importer

airplane wing

If you love finding unique handicrafts, furniture, and clothing and have some marketing skills, it could be possible to set yourself up importing and selling goods from all corners of the globe. This job may still require you to spend a fair amount of time at home and you’ll need to have the capital to pay for stock orders and shipping in advance.

5. English Teacher

Malawi - school-2

If you want to base yourself in new countries and immerse yourself in local culture while earning money for your next adventure, teaching English abroad could be a great job option for you. The wages aren’t always high by Western standards, but with room and board typically paid for and a lower cost of living, some people have managed to turn it into their career.

Making a living doesn’t have to mean spending 9-5 every day in an office waiting to build up savings and annual leave to head out on the road again. With a bit of lateral thinking, you may be able to combine work and adventure!

Have you ever had a job that let you travel? Share your story or advice in the comments below.

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