50 Shades of Galapagos

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The Galapagos Islands is a destination that is tough to put into words, a place unlike anywhere else I have ever been. The only way to properly explain it is to show you, the way I saw it, through the lens of my camera. I shot nearly 3000 photos in just 6 days, I have assembled this video of my top 50 photos to show the colors of The Galapagos.

We had an amazing week cruising the islands with Ecoventrua, stopping at the islands of San Cristobal, Genovesa, Fernandina, Santa Cruz, Isabela, Santiago, and Rabida. It was a trip of a lifetime and we were happy to tick the Galapagos Islands of our bucket list.

If a Galapagos cruise isn’t in your budget check out this Galapagos alternative to Isla de la Plata.

*We would like to thank Ecoventura for inviting us as guests to cruise with them.

4 thoughts on “50 Shades of Galapagos”

    • Thanks Caroline, so glad we made it to the Galapagos! Thanks to you and Josh sharing your stories in the Galapagos, if we hadn’t have heard them who know’s if we would have taken the detour to the Galapagos?!?

    • For these pictures Nikon AW100, BUT it failed in the Galapagos on us. The seal leaked and camera is now toast….a girl on our cruise had the Nikon AW110 brand new and same thing happened to her too. We have had more issues with this camera I would NOT recommend it to anyone. We just invested in the new GoPro Hero 3+ but we haven’t had it long enough or use it enough to give a real review on it. We are using it for the first time here in Fiji, ask us in a month or so and we can update you!


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