7 Day Stretch – North Dakota Road Trip

Traveling the world non-stop for the past 2 years has taught us a thing or two about packing and having quality gear. So when prAna asked us to be a part of there #7daystretch challenge we gladly took them up on it. The deal is we wear prAna pants for 7 days straight doing what we do, and see if they can take our rugged traveling lifestyle. The #7daystretch competition is going on right now August 20-26th and caught us right in the middle of North Dakota and the start of our 8-month epic road trip of the U.S.

Let’s see what we put our pants through in just one week of traveling…



On day one we jumped into ATVs with the park rangers from North Dakota States parks to cruise around the beautiful Pembina Gorge. The view from high on the ridge lines were stunning. Pristine streams crisscrossed through the prairies below. The trails we rough and dusty but the prAna Halle pants stretched when they needed to and wicked away the sweat from the hot ride. By the end of it we were covered in burrs and god knows what else but the microfiber material didn’t pill or show any signs of bad stuff as we brushed them right out.


Seven Day Strech - North Dakota-2

On the second day we left the 4×4’s at home and hit the trails by foot. We hiked the paths around Lake Metigoshi lake. We trotted along the winding paths that lined the clear lakes of Northern North Dakota for about 3 hours in the afternoon. After making our way around the same loop in the path a few extra times we figured we must have hike about 6 miles or more. The prAna pants held up well, the light weight material was cool enough to wear while protecting us from the bugs and brush.


Seven Day Strech - North Dakota

Simply moving your thumbs on a joystick may not seem like a real test of one’s pants, but let me tell you more goes into flying and shooting video on a drone than you make think. Flying a very expensive camera around in between buildings, trees, and other potentially fatal obstacles can be never racking. Adam often ends up climbing on top of tables and rocks without taking his eye off my helicopter. Adam’s stretch zion pants have a good amount of nylon and have significant give for strange movements he might pull while flying his drone.

Camp Cooking

Seven Day Strech - North Dakota-4

A daily duty of a road trip is meal prep around camp or on the go. We try to cook simple, but tasty, yet healthy meals from our van. Sometimes we have pretty basic facilities like today with no running water. That means hiking to the shared kitchen to get some water to cook and clean with. As tough as it sounds usually these are some of our favorite campsites because they tend to be closest to the best scenery. The microfiber pants work well for camp cooking and eating because they seem to be somewhat impenetrable to things like ketchup and other meal time sauces. A simple wipe with wet cloth or baby wipe and no more evidence of a spill.

Road Trip Driving

Seven Day Strech - North Dakota-7

Another daily must is driving while on a road trip. On this 7 day challenge we put on 1595 miles on to our sweet van. Those miles equate to 30 hours sitting in the car. Driving days can make or break a trip. Good pants = Good trip. Well, maybe some music helps too.

Sleeping in Tipi

Seven Day Strech - North Dakota-9

As we rapped up the week we found ourselves in a Tipi along the banks of the Missouri River. After a day of hiking and taking pictures in Cross Ranch State park we turned into our tipi.This far north in the world the evenings can get cool and a little buggy so pants are a must in August. Our pants kept us warm and bug free and didn’t hold us up Climbing in and out of the tipi.

Sun Flower Field Froliching

Seven Day Strech - North Dakota-10

One of my favorite days of the trip through North Dakota was the day we spent trying to find the ultimate Sunflower field. North Dakota grows 50 % of the nation’s sunflowers and in mid-August the fields are in full bloom. Glorious yellow for miles and miles. We hopped in and out of the car a bunch of times trying to get just the right shot.

It has been a fun week in North Dakota. We have seen and done some amazing things. We put our pants through the paces and they are still standing. prAna has hooked us up with a bunch of our gear and it’s most of what’s in our packs for good reason.

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