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6 Things To Elevate Your Day At The Airport

6 Things To Elevate Your Day At The Airport

No one likes a travel day whether it be long or short a trip, we all just want to get to our final destination. We’ve had our fair share of travel days over the past 4 years while traveling full-time. In the past month, we’ve been on 18 flights and even drove to Alaska. Travel days don’t have to be terrible. With a few simple tips, you can elevate your day. Here are our favorite 6 airport travel tips!

1. Get TSA Precheck

Everyone dreads the security lines at the airport but if you have Global Entry or TSA Precheck this time will be reduced significantly. You’ll be able to go in the TSA Precheck line which usually only has a few other people in it and you can leave your shoes on and computer in your bag. International travel has even more benefits with Global Entry allowing you to skip long immigration lines aboard and coming back home.

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2. Don’t Fly without your Coffee

A morning without coffee is doomed from the get go. We always make sure to stop at Starbucks for a cup of coffee and if you don’t already get the app which allows you to pay and gets you access to the rewards program. This is typically where we use our Starbucks Reward drinks because they are sometimes slightly more expensive at the airport. After a few cups of coffee, you’ll get status that comes with perks like free refills which is nice for long layovers.

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3. Fly Fueled with Nothing But The Fruit Snacks

While at Starbucks we like to pick up up a few Nothing But The Fruit Snacks for an airplane snack. They are great for every day but they are must on my travel days whether it be a road trip or flying. They are just what their name says nothing but fruit, 100% fruit. No added, no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavors, no fillers or no waxes. I don’t want a damaged apple or banana floating around in my purse so I opt for a few packages of NBTF. You can also pick some up at Target, Meijer, Winn Dixie, BI-LO and online at

4. Relax with a Lounge Pass

Finding a comfortable place to sit during a layover is key and free wifi in the airport is usually hard to find. We recently got a lounge pass that always entry into 950+ airport lounges across the world. So not only do we have somewhere to sit most have free food, beer & cocktails, soda, magazines, some with showers, etc. We no longer dread long layovers, we instead plan out what work we can get done during a layover or just enjoy a few drinks before the next flight.

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5. Always Travel with an Airline Reward Program

Whether you’re flying for work or taking a holiday, make sure to earn your miles. We have an account with just about every airline, but the ones we fly the most we get little perks that make a day at the airport a little bit better. Besides the chance at an upgraded seat, we like the luxury of early boarding and free checked bags with some. Among our favorites is United for the miles redemption toward free plane tickets, but Delta has some of the best upgrades and luxuries on flights.

6. Ask for A Seat Upgrade

It never hurts to ask for a seat upgrade but we suggest waiting until you get to the gate. If you ask at check-in they will more than likely charge you. We have good luck asking for exit row seats at the gate and they give them to us at no extra charge. Having that extra legroom makes a big difference, especially on long flights.

Do you travel often and have any travel tips that elevate your travel day? We are always looking for new ideas as we don’t see our travels slowing down anytime soon.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nothing But The Fruit. The opinions and text are all mine.