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My New go to Sundowner – AVA Grace Wines on our Favorite Beach

My New go to Sundowner – AVA Grace Wines on our Favorite Beach

*This post is sponsored by AVA Grace

One thing we forget to do in modern life is to truly appreciate moments. Every day the sun closes out the day with a firey show of colors, some days better than others, but how often do you stop to watch?

When we travel we always make it a point to treat the sunset like an event. We try to scout out the best seat we can find for the show, which usually involves a little hike. We usually pack a small bag with a snack, a bottle of wine, and a couple of glasses for a sundowner – there’s no better way to end a day.

In Negril, Jamaica, you don’t have to climb a hill or go any further than a few steps on to the beach – every evening the westward-facing 7 Mile Beach has a front-row seat.

This long swath of white sand is more than just a beach to us. 7 Mile Beach in Negril holds a lot of memories for us. It was where we first got our toes wet traveling as a couple on our first international trip together. Negril has also been host to some of the most memorable trips of our lives with close friends. It would eventually be where we would get married, barefoot right on this beach at sunset. Even on our 7th visit, we are still in love, and in love with this place, so we packed a few bottles of AVA Grace Vineyards wines to celebrate another trip to our favorite beach.

woman standing on the beach in Negril Jamaica with wine glasses and wine on her honeymoon in Jamaica

One of the most memorable sunsets on our last trip we popped open a bottle of AVA Grace Rosé just as the sun started to sink into the horizon. By the time we were halfway through our first glass, the sky lit up as we watched from the sand. The warm glow in the afternoon sun was almost the same color as the wine in our glasses. I think it was the perfect pairing – sandy toes, sunset, and a nice glass of wine.

The first bottle we tried from AVA Grace was the Rosé. I’m not going to lie the label drew me in first, it just looks like it was made to celebrate something special! The quality goes further than just the label though, every wine we’ve tried by AVA grace so far has been excellent. In addition to Rosé they also make a Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Merlot, and a Red Blend.

Next time you’re planning a special moment or packing for a trip, slip in a few bottles of AVA Grace wines – or better yet keep a couple of bottles around for the unexpected good times in life.