Baaz The Next Generations Social Media Platform

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I’d formally like to introduce you to the social media platform we’ve all been waiting for, Baaz! Finally, a social media platform where you can see everything! Baaz pulls all your feeds from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more than 150 other social media platforms together in one place. I’m sure you’re thinking “great, another platform to figure out” but it’s not like that at all. Once you connect the platforms you want to see, Baaz just puts them in one place for you – just post, retweet, and explore as you normally would. It’s so easy and saves a ton of time. Here is the full story on Baaz and everything you need to know.

Baaz Social Media Platform

What is Baaz?

Baaz is a next-generation social media platform that will change the way you view and use social media. Can you imagine posting once and automatically posting across multiple platforms? Get trending stories from across the world based on what you want to see in your news feeds from entertainment to politics, or if you’re like us – travel! Trending stories give users a broader view of the world, Baaz is the only social network that delivers multiple perspectives on the news that shapes our lives, empowering informed and engaged voices in communities around the globe.

You probably haven’t heard of Baaz before because it’s just coming to the United States. We’re lucky to be some of the first people to use Baaz before it’s launched in the United States. Baaz has been successfully test-marketed throughout the world in beta phase After success across the globe, the American company decided it was time to launch Baaz back at home.

Baaz Profile Screen Social Media

What makes Baaz different?

Unlike other social media platforms that just show you what’s happening on that platform, Baaz streams it all in one place. You no longer have to go to each platform to see what’s happening over there. Now all your Baaz friends streams will show up in the Baazline which basically is the feed. You can choose to see all platforms or just a single platform like Facebook/Twitter/etc.Baaz doesn’t filter or prioritize news to get more clicks. Baaz takes a purist’s approach, showing you the true trending stories everywhere. The stories are aggregated from thousands of sources, to give you multiple angles on each popular news story so you have a choice. That choice empowers you to share smarter messaging with your audience.

How To Access Baaz

You can use Baaz on your mobile or desktop. Baaz is downloadable in the iTunes and Google play store, just search for “Baaz”. For desktop just click here. Once you download and install the app just create an account and set up your profile. This will probably take you 5 minutes, but once you’re all set up it will save you hours a week using Baaz.

Is Baaz Easy to Use?

Yes, it’s super easy! When you want to post to Baaz you just type your status in the Baazline and click on where you’d all like to broadcast your post. You can click all and your post will go to all your connected platforms or select only specific platforms you want it to post to. In the Baazline you can comment on and reshare others content to your Baazline just like you would like on Facebook or Twitter.

Baaz Social Media Platform

Key Features We Love On Baaz

For us being able to post a status, photos, or articles in one spot and having it reach all of you on multiple platforms is huge. When we’re traveling, we like to try and stay up to date with the news, but again we would have to go to another resource for that. We love the trending stories on Baaz where we can pick to see only USA news, the world, or our next destinations.

Make sure to follow us on Baaz, you can click here to add us. We’ll also be hosting some Q&A discussions over the next few months. So check here or on Baaz to see what the topic will be.

**We are Baaz Ambassadors, and this is a sponsored post but all opinions are our own**


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