Back in Chiang Mai – Our New Apartment {Video Post}

Back in Chiang Mai – Our New Apartment {Video Post}

We just paid our rent and electricity bill after our first month living in our new apartment in Chiang Mai (weird to be paying bills again). So, we figured it was time to show you guys where we will be calling home for the next few months.

This will be our second time staying put in Northern Thailand, last April we did a short term rental in Chiang Mai. Our friends and family seem to have a lot of questions for us when they learned we are living in Thailand. They ask questions like “why are you living in Thailand?” Our answer is usually something like this: As amazing as long term travel is, it’s equally exhausting. Chiang Mai for us is a place to have some of the comforts of home, while still being somewhere exotic. Chiang Mai is like Thailand light. In the city you can get just about anything you can find at home, but still at a fraction of the cost. Chiang Mai is a very modern city, especially in the area of town that we live in. There are shopping malls as nice as the ones at home, if not nicer. Unless you went looking for it, you wouldn’t necessarily know you were in Thailand. So for us it’s a place to rest, recover from 500+ days of being on the road, and a piece of normal life with a side order of Thai noodles.

The next question most people ask us is “So, what are you doing there?” Well thats a great question, we are trying to figure that out. We have a few goals for our 5 months in Chiang Mai: Get healthy, figure out the next few steps of life, and catch up on a lot of blog work. Traveling nonstop is hard on the body, eating out constantly and lack of a gym has left us in a rounder shape than we prefer. Chiang Mai has a number of well-equipped gyms to get fit again, plus we are enjoying cooking healthy food for ourselves again. There is a lot to think about as the formal part of our RTW trip comes to an end. Things like what do you want to do when you grow up (again). Plus there is about several thousand pictures to go through, and easily 100 posts of things to write about. So that’s what will occupy our time while in Chiang Mai.

The third question in the conversation is normally, “When are you coming home?” The answer to that one is summer of 2015. Summer is the best time in Wisconsin and we do miss all the summer fun. So we will be back for all that action. Past that, we aren’t sure.

Usually that’s where the line of questions stop, however we have lots of questions for ourselves: Like what’s next? Can we really just jump back into ‘normal life’ after a two year hiatus? Hopefully after 5 months in Chiang Mai we can answer those questions too! I hope that gives you a little insight to our lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

  • Emily
    Posted at 01:01h, 05 January Reply

    OMG what an amazing apartment! I never expected Chiang Mai to be as modern as you described it, I will have to get there sometime 🙂

    • Hannah
      Posted at 08:20h, 05 January Reply

      Chiang Mai is great, we have all the modern amenities we have at home. Great place to base ourselves!

  • Emiko
    Posted at 09:35h, 05 January Reply

    I love the apartments in Chiang Mai. I was also there last spring and the city totally spoiled me. Good food, yoga, and nature all within arms reach. Although my electricity bill was higher than my rent! Guess I need to learn to cut back on the AC. Enjoy your time there!

    • Hannah
      Posted at 20:25h, 06 January Reply

      Yikes, we just got our electric bill it was 1,110Baht and we cook a lot, do laundry 2 a week, and have air on in bedroom at night and sometimes in living room during the day. Several apartments here charge different rates for electricity ours is government rate!

  • Mandy
    Posted at 09:51h, 06 January Reply

    May I ask how your Visa works staying that long? Could you recommend a source were you find your visa info? I am having issues finding clear information for many countries.
    Thanks! Planning our first 18 month RTW.

    • Hannah
      Posted at 07:02h, 07 January Reply

      We got a double entry visa back in the USA, we can stay for 60 days on each entry and can apply for an extension for another 30 days. We have to leave the country once and then when we come back in they use our second entry and we can stay for another 60 days. We are from USA not sure if rules different for different countries.

  • Nathan Aguilera
    Posted at 19:17h, 06 January Reply

    Do you mind if I ask how much a month you’re paying? I’m looking at possibly renting a place in Chiang Mai for a while.

    • Hannah
      Posted at 07:05h, 07 January Reply

      We pay 12,000 baht month and electricity at government rate something like 4.5 baht unit last month bill was 1,100 and that is cooking daily, wash machine, blender, TV on 5 hours a day (computer hooked up), and A/C 10-12 hours a day. Water was 250 last month, we do 2 loads of laundry a week on average.

  • Katie
    Posted at 10:41h, 07 January Reply

    What a gorgeous apartment! If you don’t mind me asking, what does it set you back a month?

    • Hannah
      Posted at 19:09h, 08 January Reply

      It is 12,000 month for 6 month lease (we got 5) or 11,000 for 1 year, electricity at government rate 4.## a unit, and water average 200 month.

  • Meg Jerrard
    Posted at 12:59h, 07 January Reply

    So excited for you both! Looks like an amazing apartment! And yes, totally agree, while nonstop travel is amazing, nothign beats staying in the same bed and having familiar pillows to collapse into at the end of each day and trip! Happy New Year!

    • Hannah
      Posted at 00:28h, 10 January Reply

      Thanks Meg, having a familiar pillow is amazing. The little things in life! Happy New Year to you guys too!

  • Phil
    Posted at 08:55h, 09 January Reply

    Nice place, what is the name of the place if you do not mind me asking? Just discovered your blog lots to see. Good choice to get out and see the world. I love Chaing Mai and will at least start my retirement there in a couple years. Best wishes!

    • Hannah
      Posted at 00:35h, 10 January Reply

      The One Plus Condo’s they have several located all over town, many within 1 km radius. All new and similar setup, pricing just varies based on location. I would love to retire here some day.

      • Robin Small
        Posted at 18:00h, 27 December Reply

        Hi guys … no worries I will take your place in CM for the next year 🙂
        Sounds awesome … I am looking forward to continuing to teach english online and the other half of my time to enjoy CM. Thank you for such a smart looking Blog and info …

  • Anna
    Posted at 14:24h, 09 January Reply

    Oh I totally get what you mean – we are currently in CM too and it’s refreshing to still be able to find home comforts, although we have just moved out toward the south-east to a new condo as it was beginning to feel almost a little ‘too western’ up in nimmin where we were!

    Hope you two have an awesome 5 months of feeling a bit ‘settled’! 🙂

    • Hannah
      Posted at 00:37h, 10 January Reply

      How long have you been in CM? We love Nimman because of the western hipster vibe, close to everything. Are you in a house outside the city? We are settling in great, hope to run into you around town.

      • Anna
        Posted at 01:23h, 10 January Reply

        We’ve been in CM for probably around 6 weeks or so now – spent our first month at Hillside on Huay Kaow Road, it was a beautiful condo – loved it, and especially around Christmas time it was lovely to be in a trendy, western atmosphere. (p.s – check out the roof top bars on top of Maya if you haven’t already – amazing!)

        We are still in a condo now – and really love it, we are about a 30 minute walk from the southeast corner of the old city, and still close enough to some big hotels, rim ping supermarket, etc – but it’s very local thai, lots of markets, cheap food. We are on the river (riverside condo – highly recommend it if you find yourself looking for a change of scenery) and have all the good stuff – small kitchen space, swimming pool in the condo, nice big studio room.

        Enjoy CM! Hope to see you around too! Feel free to get in touch if you every want to explore a different side of town 🙂

  • Heidi Wagoner
    Posted at 11:04h, 20 January Reply

    Great apartment, it looks like a place where some friends of ours live. i won’t name the building here though. We loved our 3/12 months in the Nimman area at Hillside 3. It was an old building, but we had 3 beds, 2 baths and a kitchen! Our electric was sky high too, as we liked to cook and had a washer. We loved it! Glad you guys are getting time to recharge. Enjoy!

  • Tom/Lora
    Posted at 11:45h, 01 February Reply

    That’s an amazing apartment! Thx for sharing. We are heading to SouthEast Asia in early April and will be traveling to Chiang Mai for Songkran as well as Siem Reap, etc. Look forward to reading more about your adventures!

  • Kiki
    Posted at 18:44h, 02 March Reply

    Wow! 12k baht! What a deal. Great tour. My wife & I (fellow midwesterners) have been considering staying in Chiang Mai for an extended period, currently in Shanghai til the end of April.

    Now to nag you with questions! Was it hard to set up electricity and utilities? How are you internet speeds? Which area of Chiang Mai are you in? I know it’s pretty walkable, but I probably wouldn’t want to be too far from downtown. Thanks in advance!

  • Nigel
    Posted at 01:55h, 07 March Reply

    Can’t believe how much I dis-liked Chiang Mai at first. Unfortunately didnt spend enough time to get an apartment but I’ll be doing that next time. Didn’t get to Nimman either which will be on my list. Good food, good bars, good working spaces. Can’t go wrong!

  • ann
    Posted at 11:14h, 09 November Reply

    what the name of condo.

  • Angelica
    Posted at 21:48h, 16 March Reply

    Fascinated by your journey. Do you work or volunteer while your travel? My biggest question as I wrap my head around this my our trip (have been taking about it for too long!) is how to continue to make a little $$ while abroad. Any tips?

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