Summer Beach Bag Essentials

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Yippie summer is finally here! As you may all know I am a total beach lover and I will never pass up a day at the beach day or a relaxing pool day. Adam and I have been chasing summer for the last 3 years as we travel the world. My beach bag is packed and ready for our next beach day at all times. You could say I know a thing about what are the must-have beach bag essentials.

So if you’re heading off on an amazing island getaway or just a day at a local beach/pool here are my beach bag essentials you shouldn’t leave home without.

Beach Bag Essentials


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Well, this one is a little obvious! You kind of need a bag to stash the beach bag essentials in. I like to have a bag that versatile and fun. Since we travel full-time I need a bag that I can use not only for the beach but on a daily basis. Pick a bag that is big enough to stash all your beach bag essentials and has a little spare room. I picked this specific bag because it fit my bohemian style and I loved the colors as I knew I had several swimsuits it would compliment.

Beach bag from Girl Around World $198


Sunglasses are a statement piece if you ask me. Your sunglasses say a lot about you and your style. My sunglasses are always ridiculous and pushing the edge on being too big. But that’s exactly me! I typically pick up my crazy sunglasses at Nordstroms Rack/Sak’s off Fifth/TJ Maxx places that have good quality sunglasses that won’t hurt but at a fraction of the price.

Diane von Furstenberg Sunglasses from Sak’s Off Fifth on clearance $14 originally $200+

Luahloha Turkish Towel

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Luahloha Turkish towels are a much better option than your typical beach towel especially for travelers heading to a beach destination. Beach towels are bulky &  heavy and they only have one use. This towel however, isn’t bulky and super lighter in weight which means more weight in your suitcase for more shoes! It has several uses: beach towel, sarong, shawl which is great if traveling in Asian countries and visiting temples which require shoulders to be covered, and blankets for freezing planes/buses. I choose this specific sarong not only because it was pink but it’s super lightweight (0.6lbs), dries really fast, and it’s super absorbent.

Lualoha Turkish Towel from Girl Around World $39

Sunscreen & Tanning Lotion

Everyone’s skin is different so make sure to pick a sunscreen SPF that will protect you from a nasty sunburn. I’m not brand loyal when it comes to sunscreen I just typically pick up 30-50 SPF body lotion but ALWAYS use a special face SPF 30-50. For some reason my face breaks out if I put normal SPF on it, plus I figure they make special face lotion for a reason…Right?

Once you I have a base tan I apply my favorite tanning lotion Maui Babe on top of my SPF 30. Don’t skip the SPF part, the tanning lotion will still work even though you have SPF on, trust me I know from experience. I first found Maui Babe in Maui, go figure. I first tried it back in 2006 and have sworn by it ever since. I’ve only seen it in ABC stores in Hawaii & Las Vegas, but it can be ordered on Amazon here for $14.95 a bottle. NOTE: Maui Babe can stain so make sure to apply carefully and not get any on your swimsuit and wash your hands off after applying. I avoid using Maui Babe when wearing lighter colored swimsuits.

Travel Tip: If you’re flying to an international beach destination pack way more sunscreen than you think you need, the price of sunscreen in other countries is insane. We’ve determined the more you need sunscreen the higher the price tag!

Mini Pouch 

Beach Bag essentials-1-4

There is no reason to bring your entire wallet with all your credit cards to the beach. Bring a cute little pouch to stash an ID, a credit card, and some cash for the day. It’s so much easier to just grab it and run to the beach bar then lugging your entire beach bag or wallet.

Mini Wallet from Girl Around World $10

Beach Tank 

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When I saw this tank I had to have it!  Miss Adventure Apparel has a ton of fun and cute tanks that make for the perfect beach tank to throw on. I personally love the quality & feel  of their shirts as they only print on Alternative Apparel or Bella+ Canvas, not your everyday cheap cotton shirt.

Beach Tank from Miss Adventure Apparel $32 


There is no reason to be wearing wedges at the beach, sure they’re cute but save them for a different occasion. Also, pack a simple pair of sandals like Havaianas or any ole cheap pair. Just make sure to not leave them too close to shore or they may be swept to sea. 

What’s in your beach bag?

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