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Busy fall travel plans – What’s next for GettingStamped

Busy fall travel plans – What’s next for GettingStamped

Like usual, we find it hard to stand still in one place and we are always on the go. This fall and winter will be no different for us here at GettingStamped!

As the weather starts to cool in the midwest we are finding ourselves already getting excited about our warm weather travel destinations. However, before that kicks off we are going to take some time to enjoy fall here in Wisconsin.

If you didn’t already know, last year we put our suitcase lifestyle on hold after over 4 years of full-time travel and took a home base in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After returning home we started to discover, or rediscover, our hometown and quickly realized it’s even cooler now than when we left.

In the past year, we have developed a passion for the city and want to show it off to the world as a unique and quirky travel destination. So, we have found ourselves between international trips making our rounds all over the city trying new Milwaukee restaurants and visiting attractions new and old. It’s been fun reconnecting with our city, but that often comes with an early wake-up call for a sunrise photoshoot down by the lake or late afternoons downtown.

With our busy schedule, we try to keep some of our kitchen stocked with our favorites to just grab and go on the way out the door. Our current obsession is the Tropicana single-serve juices which are great on-the-go for early morning flights and photoshoots. Adam likes the Coco Blends Pineapple made with coconut water and Hannah goes for the Watermelon.

Another thing we enjoy about having a home base is actually having a kitchen, it’s been an adjustment, to say the least, be we are happy to be home, at least for now!

Well, when I say home, I mean here in Milwaukee about half the time and traveling the other half. So what’s on the calendar for the next few months?

In the fall we have carved out some time to check out the fall colors in a few different parts of Wisconsin, with some trips to the Caribbean of course. We will be returning to a few of our favorite islands – Jamaica and Aruba.

Then to round out autumn we’ve got a trip to the bottom of the world (well almost), we’ll be spending two weeks hiking around the Falkland Islands. Next up, on the first actual day of winter, we are outta here and on the first flight to Southeast Asia.

Here again, we will make a stop in one of our all-time favorite cities on the planet: Bangkok. From there we are going to explore some new to us areas of Thailand over Christmas and the New Year.

We are excited to keep busy and see some new places new and some old favorites. Are there any things you want to see us visit or restaurants not to miss? We’d love to hear about them, leave suggestions in the comments!

This post is in partnership with Tropicana.