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Nowadays everything is smart, your phone is smart, the TV, heating/AC of your home, and now smart luggage. That’s right smart luggage! Bluesmart invented the world’s first smart luggage and it will change the way your travel. We’ve been traveling with Bluesmart carry on bags since May and now we’re even going to give one away to our readers. There are a ton features with smart luggage that make traveling so much easier. Here are our favorite features on Bluesmart luggage.

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Bluesmart Luggage Features

Built-in Scale

Check the weight of the bag right from the app. No more scrambling at the airport with an overweight carry-on. Outside of the USA, many airlines have carry on weight restrictions. When we live in Thailand all airlines have carry-on weight limits. Just launch the Bluesmart app, and click check weight.

USB Charging

Our personal favorite feature on Bluesmart luggage is the USB charger right from the bag. We all have been found sitting on the floor in an airport because it was the only plug we could find. Well not anymore, the Bluesmart bag can charge an iPhone up to 6 times. Now you can sit at your gate and charge right from your smart luggage.

GPS Tracker

If you ever get separated from your Bluesmart Luggage you can use the suitcase’s GPS tracking to locate it anywhere in the world. Also, if you start walking away from your bag the app will alert you that you are leaving your Bluesmart luggage behind. We have used the tracking and it will put the location of the bag right on the map.

Digital Lock

Right from the app you can lock and unlock the bag. You can set the suitcase settings to auto lock every time you get separated from the bag or even every time you shut the bag. We, however, don’t advise the auto lock every time feature.

34L Capacity

The Black Edition Bluesmart has 34L of storage, which is actually more than our old carry on yet still fits all major airline regulations for carry-on size baggage.

Laptop Accessibility

Bluesmart designed the bag so accessing your laptop at security is super easy. There is a front electronics sleeve so you don’t have to open the main portion of the bag.

Hard Shell & Water Resistant

Bluesmart bags are built to last, the hardshell body is scratch and water resistant. Which is perfect for frequent travelers and those that don’t always have weather on their side.

REMEMBER You do have to charge your Bluesmart luggage in order to use any of the above functions. We suggest charging smart luggage the night before a trip and the battery should last your entire trip, depending of course how many times you use the USB charging on the smart bag.

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Thanks to Bluesmart for sending us smart luggage and giving one away to one of our followers. As always, all opinions are our own.

62 thoughts on “Bluesmart Luggage | The Smart Way To Travel”

  1. I recently found your blog and how awesome that this was one of the first posts I read. I just recently got my own Bluesmart luggage. I travel frequently so it was a great investment. I’m definitely excited about the built in scale and being able to charge my phone straight from my suitcase. I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  2. My Bluesmart will have its first ever travel in May, when I’ll head off to Spain and then Portugal for vacation. I have been looking for the perfect carry on ever since I found myself hauling an oversized one last month (one airline almost had it sent under the plane), and I think this one will perfectly fit my criteria like a glove.

  3. Would love to visit my daughter in Kentucky this summer before the kids go back to school. How cool is that USB charger in a bag. Love it!

  4. This would be going to Italy with me this August! Would love the peace of mind and easier travel this bag would bring me 🙂

  5. We are trying to plan a trip for my birthday this year and it may be to Hawaii so that is where I would take the bag. I love that you can charge your I phone, I don’t know how many times we have been stuck in an airport and my phone needs to be charged and you can’t find an outlet. I really like the hard shell model, I have never had one like that but thing it would be nice to keep everything inside safe.

  6. Looking forward to traveling to South Korea soon, and I would love to have such a great bag. I haven’t flown much, so a bag like this would definitely set my mind a bit more at ease.

  7. We live in IL close to Chicago but Grandma is 3 hours south. So we would take it to visit her first! We are planning a trip to Disney at the end of the year also so we would have to bring it there too! It looks awesome!

  8. Congratulations on your four year anniversary! I would love to try out this luggage as I’m always the one at the check-in having to switch clothes from one bank to another this would come in so handy help!

  9. Wow! You guys are AMAZING and truly INSPIRING! Since discovering you on instagram, I’ve become more and more intrigued and motivated to pursue my dream of traveling the world. As a little island girl from Kingston, Jamaica, I am ready to take on the world. If i were the lucky winner of this kickass Bluesmart Luggage, it’s first trip will be in Delhi, India! Win or lose, I enjoy your feed and look forward to seeing more from you!

    • Glad to hear you found us over on Instagram. We love hearing that we have motivated you to travel! OMG you call Jamaica home, we love Jamaica we have been 5 times. We were just there in February for 10 nights. OMG India is amazing and I hope you win.

  10. Well where do I begin? Recently, I started following your journey and reading your post. We will be making our first trip to Anguilla and this suitcase would be perfection to a T. I so need this hoping to get lucky here

    • Great to hear you found us and def keep following along. OMG Anguilla is awesome. Where are you staying? Def make it out to sandy island that lobster is worth every penny and Ken’s BBQ just a few minutes from CeBlue Villas is amazing and super cheap. Fingers crossed for you.

  11. Our next scheduled trip is to Chicago but several are in the planning stages so it would definitely see the Caribbean soon.

  12. Hey Hannah & Adam! Would love the chance to win this because I’m super geeky and being able to charge my phone while vlogging through an airport would be <3

    • Well this is the bag for you! Charging your phone right from the bag is great. We both hate looking for outlets in airports and then setting gates away from our actual gate or even worse on the floor!


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