Celebrating 4 years on the Road & Getting Stamped

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4 years… 1461 days… in some ways, it feels like just yesterday and in other ways a distant past.

Playa Jibacoa Cuba - Home page slider - Getting Stamped

I can still remember the intense feeling of excitement that masked the exhaustion of an early flight to start our trip around the world. We snapped the obligatory photo overloaded with bags in front of the fireplace of Adam’s parent’s house before they drove us to the airport to start our travels. Those memories mix with thoughts of how everything was before we left home to travel and suddenly it feels like another lifetime ago.

Standing in front of our map leaning against the fireplace that morning four years ago, there is no way I thought I would be writing this post. No way I could have imagined we’d still be on the road traveling, and no way I could have any clue how many amazing experiences we would have in these last 1,461 days.

Glacier National Park Hannah walking down the road in front of mountains

4 years ago today we set off on a trip around the world. We quit our jobs, said goodbye to friends, family, and our comfortable life… to see the world. We had one-way plane tickets in our hands with no idea where this crazy trip would take us.

For those of you who just found us, or tuned in the last year or two we started this website to document our travels, particularly our round the world trip in 2013. We wanted to inspire people to travel and see the world like other bloggers had done for us. Hopefully, we’ve helped to spark a bit of wanderlust for you, after all that’s why this all started. If we did in any way leave us a note in the comments.

Our travels were supposed to be just over a year long, so how did we end up here 4 years later? Well, it turns out that traveling the world is a lot more enjoyable than going to a traditional job Monday-Friday. So, we turned travel into a lifestyle and found a way to stay on the road indefinitely or as long as we’re happy doing it. The paychecks may not have as many zeros, but it’s a lifestyle we wouldn’t trade for anything.

girl at the end of a bridge in Playa Jibacoa Cuba

I started this post as a recap of all the amazing things we have seen and places we’ve been, but the more I think about it, that’s not really what’s important. To us, it’s more important to inspire the next generation of would-be travelers to get out and see the world. Even more than just seeing the world, we want to inspire you to live your life and chase your dreams.

One of the things our travels and change in lifestyle has taught us is that our time here is so incredibly short and shouldn’t be wasted doing what you’re “supposed to be doing”. Here is the spot where I could insert handfuls of sappy mildly travel related quotes, but there is one quote I love and think everyone should see. I first saw it mounted on a huge stone early on our travels – while in Panama of all places. I think it’s perfect message for someone who wants to make a change in their lives and for us that was adopting this crazy life of travel we now live.

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

Celebrating 4-years of travel

Las Coloradas Yucatan Pink Lake in Mexico, girl standing at the lake

Today is a day we celebrate every year as a “travelversary”, the day we took full and total control of our lives to pursue our dreams.

girl in a hammock floating in the middle of the ocean in the Maldives
On this day last year, we were walking the dock in the Maldives surrounded by some of the most stunning waters in the world.

Two years ago we standing face to face with wild rhinos in the middle of Zimbabwe.

NSW Castle in Germany

Three years ago we were standing in front of Germany’s fairytale castles.

Finally four years ago today we were in Belize on Day One of a trip of a lifetime that has taken us to over 70 countries, filled our passports with hundreds of stamps, and made an entire lifetime’s worth of memories.

The only thing I wish is that I could go back to the very first day and relive it over and over again.

19 thoughts on “Celebrating 4 years on the Road & Getting Stamped”

  1. Congrats! Pretty amazing. My wife and I started our RTW journey a little after you started yours (Aug 2013). We only could go for about 10 months but we certainly hope to get back to the wandering ways in the not too distant future. 4 years is impressive. I must say…am a little jealous

      • Yes we are back to regular jobs, can’t believe it’s been over 3 years but we have a plan in motion to get back to traveling in the not too distant future. In the mean time we can live vicariously through you guys!

  2. Very nice blog and impressed to see you’ve kept it going so long. I like that your travel taste is very similar to mine (your recommendations for Vietnam were exactly the same as I would highlight).

    Great post about Koh Lipe, BTW – only thing is I worry that following your post it will be overrun by hordes of tourists!

    • Glad to hear our travel tastes are similar. Vietnam is amazing, we hope to get back there soon.Lol Koh Lipe is amazing but it is getting busier every time we return. But honestly, so is every place we re-visit.

  3. I literally fell in love with your blog!!! There is probably no way I could give up my 9-5, but you bet we use all 3 weeks of our vacation to its MAX potential every year. I am also grateful for your post about Sok – as we hired him last month while in Siem Reap… in fact its been 1 month since we finished up our vacation in Phnom Penh. LOVE following your travels!

    • Thanks it’s great to hear! Also glad you had a good time with Sok, Cambodia is still a special place for us! It doesn’t matter how much you travel as long as you enjoy every minute that you are traveling! Sorry for the delay in response, but we just got back from our road trip to Alaska when the wifi wasn’t the greatest, but that’s for following our crazy adventures!


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