Copan Ruins – Honduras

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We made a short stop in Copan in route from the bay islands to Antigua, Guatemala and found a great little town and well-kept ruins. Entrance fee is $15 USD.

Copan Ruins-4

The ruins are most important for their hieroglyphics, it was here that the abundance of intact symbols were use to translate the Mayan language.

Copan Ruins

Copan Ruins-3

Copan Ruins-2

Several tall pyramids give great views of the site.

Copan Ruins-5


At the entrance to the park live a bunch of beautiful and talking Macaws living wild. It was a nice unexpected bonus to find on our trip to the ruins.

Copan Ruins-6


12 thoughts on “Copan Ruins – Honduras”

  1. The ruins of Copan is a unique site among those left by the Maya. It isn’t particularly huge like Tikal. It is most noted for the proliferation of art and hieroglyphs left behind by Mayan artisans. I have heard it called the Paris of the Mayan empire.

    Did you hear about Rajshahi Archaeological site? This is an another amazing ancient ruin places which is yet undiscovered! For your interest you can peep through

  2. I went to Copan a few years ago, and the carvings just blew my mind how clear they were. Copan isn’t the biggest site in the world, but it’s definitely one of the most interesting. You have to use your imagination at ruins sometimes (and in a big way at a few) but at Copan you can see everything!

  3. Great photos there Hannah and this place looks cool! Central America is one place I havent really touched on yet (been to Panama Canal only) and Honduras, Belize etc. are definitely on the list. Safe travels. Jonny

  4. Love the Macaws- they always liven up a place. Copan looks awesome, can’t wait to visit! Did you stay over near Copan or just stop enroute? How long was your visit?

    • The colors of the Macaw are crazy! We stayed 3 nights in Copan, check out our I survived Honduras post. We wish we could have stayed 5 nights! We stayed at Don Udo’s Hotel and we really loved it. Let me know if you have any other questions, always willing to help!!


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