Cruising the Panama Canal – In Pictures

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Panama Canal-19

Welcome Aboard, our journey through the canal in pictures. I am not going to attempt to describe in words the scale and magnitude of the engineering marvel of the world, I will try and explain it through pictures.

Panama Canal-2 Panama Canal-4 Panama Canal-5

The lake and the river that supply the water for the canal are about 90ft (30m) above sea level, which is the reason the locks are required. Six sets of stations slowly lift up boats on the Atlantic side, then drop them back down to send them on their way to the Pacific.

Panama Canal-14

Panama Canal-11 Panama Canal-15

The water level starts even with the station behind it, the locks close and begin to bring you down to the level of the next set of massive doors. Once the water level is equal with the station in front, the doors open and the process is repeated until you have made it down to sea level.

Panama Canal-12 Panama Canal-13 Panama Canal-16

The massive boats are so large there is very little room between the boat and the walls of the canal. This is part of the reason why a new canal is being built, not far from the current one.

Panama Canal-18 Panama Canal-22

Now we can say we have cruised the Panama Canal! At the end of the voyage you get some great views of the city skyline and of the harbor.

Panama Canal-21

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