Damn Antigua, You Are Beautiful > In Photos

I filled my memory card (32GB), more than once, with pictures of Antigua in our 6-day visit. The Ruins, the beautiful doors, the blocks and blocks of colonial Casas all surrounded by massive volcanoes, and all sorts of surprises sprinkled in the streets help to make the magic which is Antigua.


Of the many, these pictures I feel show the spirit of the city.

Antigua-24 Antigua-22 Antigua-20 Antigua-21 Antigua-29 Antigua-27 Antigua-18 Antigua-12 Antigua-14 Antigua-13 Antigua-31 Antigua

Some say the city is touristy, sure a bit, but for good reason. I think the tourists that find their way to Guatemala are generally pretty good tourists.


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5 thoughts on “Damn Antigua, You Are Beautiful > In Photos”

  1. Hi Hanna!

    Great photos of Antigua Guatemala! Are you guys still here, or already moved on?

    Yes, Antigua is touristy, but it has its advantages. Lots of restaurants and a lively atmosphere are pluses. Plenty to do in the small, surrounding towns if you want to get away from other tourists.



  2. Adam – ALL your pictures are fantastic! Do you use a program to get the “pop” effect, or is it a setting on your camera? What kind of camera do you shoot with. (Travel and photography are also hobbies of mine)!

    Glad to see you are doing well – I am so envious of you and your wife’s RTW trip! I am not sure where you are all headed, but if you guys need any advice or tips on Thailand, Egypt, Peru or South Africa let me know! If South Africa is not on your list, it NEEDS to be. We spent 2 weeks there last winter for our honeymoon and it is my most favorite country out of anywhere I have been thus far!


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