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Our 3 Favorite Travel Experiences In Our 3 Years of Traveling

Our 3 Favorite Travel Experiences In Our 3 Years of Traveling

Three years ago when we left home on June 29, 2013, we could have never imagined the travel experiences we would have. We’ve done and seen so many amazing things, looking back over the past 3 years it makes me think “holy sh*t is this really our life?” Yes, yes it is!

If you had asked me 3 years ago where I would be I sure as heck wouldn’t have guessed I’d be typing this 3-year favorite travel experience post from the Maldives. Which, by the way, is another amazing travel experience. So if we had to narrow down the last 3 years of travel and pick our 3 favorite travel experiences they’d be…

Our 3 Favorite Travel Experiences

#1. Going on an African Safari

The Real Life Lion King

Nothing will ever beat going on an African safari. We just didn’t go on one overland African safari we went on two. This was the #1 item on our bucket list and it lived up the hype we went back as we fell hard for Africa. We’ve spent 110 nights camping in Africa, which also means Adam set up the tent 109 times as I was fired after day 1 of our safari LOL.

An African safari will change your life forever. We will never be able to go to a zoo again as nothing will ever compare to the Serengeti National Park.

Lions for days, and we’ll never get sick of seeing these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. There is something peaceful about lying in your tent and hearing the lions roaring in the distance, well at least that’s what I think (Adam not so much).

The Real Life Lion King-3

#2. Discovering Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe - Koh Lipe Thailand Guide - Blog image-4

We had never heard of the Koh Lipe Lipe before, it sure as heck wasn’t on our route. We were in Langkawi, an island away actually in a different country (Malaysia), when we kept seeing signs for a speedboat to Koh Lipe Thailand. We were bored in Langkawi and had a few days to spare, so we hopped on the next boat to Koh Lipe.

Koh Lipe Thailand Guide - Free Things to do Koh Lipe catch a tan

We getting on that boat was one of the best travel decisions on our trip. Koh Lipe is now our favorite place in the world, and a destination I’m sure you’ve seen us promote a lot. Koh Lipe is literally a slice of heaven and has everything we love in a beach destination.

We’ve been back since our first visit and are planning to return this fall for at least 2 weeks to get some amazing drone footage and update our Koh Lipe articles.

Koh Lipe-9

#3. Campervanning in New Zealand

New Zealand Cover-1

We rented the most ridiculous camper van we could find and drove around the South Island of New Zealand! We named her Peaches and called her home as we drove the entire South Island on our 2 weeks in New Zealand.  This was our first time living in a van, and where we got the idea of building our own camper van like we did for our epic US road trip we took in the fall of 2015.

NZ - Kiwi Krawl Day 10-9

New Zealand is the most gorgeous country in the world, we pulled over at least every 15 minutes for another epic photo stop. Hannah mastered driving on the wrong side of the road while Adam was keeping up on the blog posts and scoping out the next photo stop.

We hiked Fox Glacier, Hannah went skydiving & hang gliding in New Zealand, Adam went swimming with the wild dolphins, sampled NZ’s finest wines & microbrews, and so much more. We both can’t wait to get back to New Zealand, but next time we’ll spend 2+ months exploring the North & South islands.

Skydive 2

We can’t wait to see what the world has in store for our next 3 years of traveling!

Vivian Vu

Thursday 7th of July 2016

These are amazing experiences! I definitely want to go and do all of the above, especially the campervan experience. I totally want my own campervan and travel all around. Great post!


Saturday 16th of July 2016

The best way to see New Zealand is by renting a car and driving yourself. And if you can a campervan because they you have the freedom to spend the night at random campsites along the way. You'll love it!