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Grace Dental Chiang Mai Dentist

Grace Dental Chiang Mai Dentist

Heading to Chiang Mai, Thailand and looking for the best dentist in Chiang Mai? I recently found myself with some serious tooth pain and needed to visit the dentist in Chiang Mai. I read review after review online and decided to visit Grace Dental Chiang Mai. Since my first visit to Grace Dental Chiang Mai in 2014 I have been back 3 times, Grace Dental is my dentist away from home.

Where is Grace Dental Chiang Mai?

Grace Dental Chiang Mai Address: 45 Soi 11 Nimmanhemin Rd. T.Suthep A.Muang Chiang Mai 50200

Grace Dental Chiang Mai Phone Number: +66 53 894 568 – 6

Grace Dental has a great location for expats living in Chiang Mai, it is right in the heart of the Nimman area.

How To Make An Appointment At Grace Dental?

You can call, email, or just walk in and schedule your dentist appoint at Grace Dental. My first visit I emailed in advance as I only had a few weeks in Chiang Mai.I emailed them a week before to make an appointment, they responded back within a few days with dates and prices. They do book out a few weeks in advance, but always have spots on the calendar for emergencies.

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How Much Is the Consultation?

Grace Dental does charge a  consultation fee of roughly $10, but this is not charged when you have a 6-month teeth cleaning and checkout appointment.

How Much For A 6 Month Check Up & Cleaning?

In 2015, Graceland Dental Chiang Mai charges for a 6-month cleaning was 1,500Baht ($46) in 2015.

My Grace Dental Chiang Mai Experience

Once there I had to fill out some paperwork, picture ID, the usual doctor stuff. The lobby was clean, and full of other westerner’s.

My dentist spoke good English, and I had no problem explaining to here the problem area. She offered to numb that area so she could remove the plaque build-up, I asked how much for the medication. So informed me it was free, and part of the cleaning. So I said numb away!

Grace Dental Chiang Mai Dentist

After the cleaning, the dentist told me I have a cavity on the side of the tooth. She drew a picture and said I can wait until I get home to get the filling on tooth number ## (I forgot). I thought it was bizarre she didn’t tell me I needed this done ASAP and by her. I thanked her and told her if it kept bothering me I may be back to have her fill it.

The damage for the typical 6-month cleaning was 1,500Baht ($46). Back at home it’s covered by my insurance, but I know the charge is well over $150 and nothing is every free. I am more than happy with my visit and plan on visiting again next year when I am back in Chiang Mai, as I will be well overdue for my 6-month cleaning.

Grace Dental Chiang Mai Invoice

I am happy to report that my tooth has not bothered me since my dentist visit. I have started using sensitive toothpaste. Hopefully, I stay pain-free in the tooth department, as good affordable dentists will not be in my near future.

Do you have any interesting dental stories either at home or while traveling?