Hannah’s Top Moments Exploring North Dakota

We started our #epicUSroadtrip exploring North Dakota. We spent 7 nights making our way across the 39th state. We entered North Dakota on the East side starting in Fargo, and ended on the far west side and exiting through Lemmon. We slept in a yurt, slept in a teepee, eat deep fried steak, cheered on the local baseball team, and so much more. Here’s a look back on my top moments exploring North Dakota.

Eating Pitchfork Dinner

Foodie Friday - Pitchfork Fondue - Medora North Dakota-7

When I googled pitchfork dinner, North Dakota, I was not sold. A deep-fried steak did not sound appetizing to me at all, but it was the thing to eat in Medora, ND. We decided we had to give it go, so off we went with empty stomachs.

The pitchfork dinner is served on a cafeteria-like tray that you load up at a salad & potato bar. Then we made our way over to the grilling station where a huge steak was loaded onto our tray. I expected to be disappointed by the steak and was pleasantly WRONG. It was super juicy and tasty, no steak sauce required. If and when I find myself back in North Dakota I will order up another pitchfork fondue.

Riding ATV’s in Pembina Gorge

Seven Day Strech - North Dakota-13

One afternoon we went out on ATV’s with one of the North Dakota park rangers in the Pembina Gorge. The Pembina Gorge is approximately 12,500 acres, which extends all the way up to the Canadain border. We had a great afternoon tearing up the trails and chatting with the park ranger about life in North Dakota.

Being A Few Of The Only Tourists At Theodore Roosevelt Park

Hannah's favorite North Dakota - Theodore Roosevelt National Park-1

Can you imagine going to National Park in August and there maybe being 50 other people in the entire park?!? Well, that is the reality when visiting Theodore Roosevelt National Park, which we have named the coolest little National Park you’ve never heard of.  We had a great time being able to see the park at our leisure without getting stuck behind herds of tourists, which is the reality of most National Parks.

The Endless Sunflower Fields

Seven Day Strech - North Dakota - Instagram-2

We were lucky to time our trip to North Dakota when the sunflowers were in full bloom. If you travel to North Dakota in the late summer you’ll be able to catch the sunflower fields, it’s a sea of yellow. We found this field right next to Salem Sue.

Milking Salem Sue

Salem Sue - North Dakota - world's largest holstein cow statue-2

How could we not stop when we saw a sign on the highway for the “WORLD’S LARGEST HOLSTEIN COW”? Salem Sue is big…really big! When I saw her utters, and Adam said smile my inner 5-year-old came out and I milked her….

It’s safe to say I had a great week exploring North Dakota. North Dakota was one of those states I didn’t know much about, or that there was anything to do there… Well, North Dakota, you surprised me!

Have you been to North Dakota? Share with me your top moments! 

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  1. Oh my goodness; I just discovered your blog and absolutely love it- the layout is beautiful! Being one of only a few people visiting the National Park must have been an amazing experience!


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