How To Organize Romantic Vacations On A Budget

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Romantic vacations are usually considered to be one of the most expensive ways to travel. The couple in love must select an appropriate destination, choose romantic lodging, and spend a fortune on candlelight dinners, flowers, little gifts, etc. So in case you are on a budget, organizing a romantic vacation with your significant one is a real challenge. However, there are multiple ways to save big and spend only a reasonable amount of money for a romantic getaway. Today we would like to share with you some tips on how to organize romantic vacations on a budget.

Choose Your Destination

First of all, you must choose a romantic destination. In such a way you will be able to make sure that all further expenses will be within your financial limits. These are three factors to keep in mind:

  1. The proximity of the destination. In order to avoid buying super expensive airplane tickets, you have to choose a destination where you can go by cheap means of transport. The ideal destination must be within 2-3 thousand km from you.
  2. Destination’s cost. If your destination is not affordable, it is virtually impossible to travel there on a budget. Use Numbeo to select the best destination with cheap accommodation, food, and transport. 
  3. Destination’s romantic atmosphere. The perfect destination for romantic vacations must have beaches, national parks, forests, cliffs, or canyons. These are the places where you can enjoy a romantic sunset or a picnic just for two of you.  There should be cozy restaurants for romantic dinners.  The destination must be easy to travel to and has a low crime rate.

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Choose Accommodation

Accommodation is one of the most expensive fixed costs in any trip. In particular, it refers to romantic vacations, because you need a romantic place to spend time with your significant one. These are several cheap lodging options for romantic getaways: 

  1. Tent. Tents do not seem extremely romantic, but if you settle in the mountain valley under the dome of star sky, even the oldest tent would look like a palace. One more benefit of the tents is that you can place them in a secluded location far away from civilization and other people.
  2. Short term rentals. An apartment in a penthouse might become a great substitute for a luxury hotel. In Airbnb listings you can find an apartment with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, small patio, BBQ area, and three rooms for just $35 (for example, in Thailand and Brazil).
  3. Bungalows. Little bamboo huts on the tropical beaches were the most romantic places we’ve ever stayed at. You can find them at any developed and underdeveloped beach resort throughout the world.
Romantic Vacations On A Budget
Our romantic bungalow in San Augustin, Colombia

Organize a Romantic Dinner

Dinner is the most important part of any romantic vacation, so you need to prepare accordingly. In order to save money, it is worth reviewing all options available at your destination before departing on a trip. Here are some places to consider:

  1. Beach as a picnic location. Laying on the sand, sipping wine, and enjoying the beautiful sunsets are a great combination for a great date. Bring the food with you and save on tips for a waiter
  2. Local restaurant. Ask the locals where they go out. Usually, they will recommend you going to the local market. It’s also the perfect place to enjoy local culture and cuisine!
  3. Cook in your apartment. If you are renting an apartment with the kitchen, cook for yourself. Bake locally caught fish with vegetables or roast grasshoppers bought on a market! Candles and romantic music will create the atmosphere!
Romantic Vacations On A Budget
Food from a local restaurant in Ecuador

Next time you go on your romantic vacation plan in advance! Take into consideration some of our tips to save money and spend the romantic vacations of a lifetime.

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