How to rig a chicken drop

How to rig a chicken drop

If you ever find yourself in Ambergris Caye Belize on chicken drop night (Thursday) you need to find your way to Wahoo’s on the beach.

What is chicken drop? Simple there is a 4 foot x 4-foot square divided into 100 squares. Before the action starts you can buy squares like a football pool for $1 BZ. A chicken is placed onto the squares and where it does is business that ticket wins.

There are multiple rounds of the event and you can buy tickets for as many as you like, some of the later ones may take longer to sell out so it may take some time between rounds. But that’s OK there are lots of people to talk to, a nice bar for drinks, and if you are lucky you may get a visit from the coconut guy. The coconut guy is a short, jacked guy who will climb palm trees barefoot and hang upside down from the top and drop coconuts to his partner below. After some more acrobatics, he gets down and proceeds to break the raw coconuts on his forehead. It is a pretty good show and keeps you entertained between chicken drop rounds.

Alright, now you know the basics now its time to win. The game relies on crowd participation and one of the crowds duties is to prep the chicken for the ring and to put them into play. There is more than most people think involved in prepping a chicken for a quick round. There is a good amount of shaking the chicken, you have to do it fast, and the slow in a circular motion. Then what really gets them ready to go is to lift the tail feathers and blow on the business bits. Then there off!

The real trick is to look at your tickets before you shake your chicken. Then if you do a good enough job of shaking and blowing your chicken put your chicken down on you square. You put them on your square and then hope the walk forward and quickly do their thing.

Watch a pro-chicken dropper in action in this YouTube video >> Chicken Drop!

Beware if you do happen to win you have a less than desirable prize that accompanies your cash winnings, cleaning the board for the next round.

Good Luck!

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