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I didn’t end up hating Venice

I didn’t end up hating Venice

From the time of booking our flights to Italy, we debated if we were going to Venice. It seemed everyone we talked to said, “don’t go”, or “we hated it”, and “it’s overrun with tourists”.

Never the less, in our typical fashion of not taking advice, we decided to go. We only booked one night in case we hated it. Even though some of the Venice neigh-Sayers were right, we actually didn’t hate Venice.

I didn't end up hating Venice - Italy-8

The beauty of Venice is undeniable. It’s a one of a kind town that keeps your finger on your camera, and makes you wonder how they built it. Venice is a maze of tiny streets surrounded by canals in every direction.

Ornate gondolas floating under beautiful stone bridges. Venice is something out of a picture, a real-life postcard. Unfortunately, the pictures never tell the whole story.

I didn't end up hating Venice - Italy

Sadly, everyone was right, it is completely overrun by tourist. My first thought leaving the train station was “this is tourist hell”. The island sees several cruise ships every day of the year. The ships dock and let thousands of people loose on the narrow streets and bridges of Venice.

The city has become somewhat of a floating Disneyland. Everywhere you look strollers being painfully pushed up and down the cobblestone bridges. Kids running and screaming. The constant photo taking anywhere and everywhere with complete disregard of the surroundings. It’s enough to make you want to push someone off of a bridge and catch the next train to the mainland. However, it doesn’t have to be.

I didn't end up hating Venice - Italy-6

Even with the 60,000 people piling on to the streets of Venice every day, it’s not all lost. Venice can still be a beautiful place to visit, you just have to get lost. We spent our one afternoon actively trying to get lost. Basically going the opposite direction of everyone else. Venturing down small narrow alleyways and uninhabited bridges.

For as many people visit Venice it’s amazing that there are still plenty of quiet places to explore. It seems everyone sticks to the main streets and piazzas, which are beautiful in their own right. However, for me the true beauty of Venice is in the peaceful spaces away from the hordes of people.

I didn't end up hating Venice - Italy-2

Even with its flaws I am glad we went. Have you been to Venice? Did you love it or hate it?


Friday 21st of June 2019

First time I traveled to Europe from NY was in the late 1970's and I was being shown Venice by my then boyfriend who was from there. We stayed at his parents house outside the city and ferried in for day/evening trips. I went in the winter time. It was magical. Last year I was in Europe touring about in the springtime and for nostalgic reasons I decided to stop in and have a look. I could not believe how tourism destroyed this city. For example..... Standing in San Marcos and seeing a cruise ship pass by up close ruins the experience of the plaza (the scale of the buildings and the church relative to the obscene cruise ship). I do get it. The city is in crisis mode and needs tourist dollars since most Venetians have left. It is a city to been seen asap. I suggest doing a fast pass at the most touristy spots to see the magnificence of the architecture. Lower your fantasy expectations of those place as they are from a time that is long gone. Do get lost away from the tourists! Do go to the other islands around. Avoid the summer......not worth the crowds, expense or hassle.

Gayle McKercher

Tuesday 5th of July 2016

I've been three times and plan to go again this year; it's utterly enchanting! Your advice is spot on; get off the main path. Use the public transport to explore nearby islands. Wander. Chat. Eat. There are SO MANY little churches, cafes, bridges, parks, etc. Cross the Giudecca and eat on that side of the canal, looking back at the Piazza San Marco. Try all the gelato. Enjoy the little shops. Sigh.


Sunday 14th of February 2016

We went last year and loved Venice! In fact, we loved it so much that we are heading back again next week! This time to see some of the islands like Burano and Murano.

And like you said, Venice is full of tourists, especially during the carnival season I imagine, but you just have to wander down the alleyways, soon you'll be away from the tourists and can enjoy being lost in a gorgeous place.

All things nice...

Monday 26th of October 2015

We visited Venice last year in September and it was brillant, I loved it!! The tourists weren't too bad, we did our own thing and wandering around taking everything in. Love your photographs

All things nice...


Monday 15th of June 2015

I agree that the hot tourist spots around St Marks and the Rialto can be bad during the peak season but come during the off-season and you will see Venice as Venetians see it - quiet streets, breathtakingly beautiful city scenes, packed with history and traditions. Unless you delve into a city's history, you miss the heart and soul and just see the superficial tourist traps. Go beyond the check-list tourism and a whole new Venice opens up before you. Its well worth a trip, just don't come in July or August please!