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Midwest Weekend Getaway to RiverSouth

Midwest Weekend Getaway to RiverSouth

Thank you RiverSouth for sponsoring this post. There’s fun around every bend in RiverSouth! Plan your trip today!

We just got back from a weekend getaway from RiverSouth area in Minnesota, a destination that wasn’t really on our radar until recently. We heard about a concert and decided to plan a weekend around it and it turned out to be one of the most fun trips we took this summer. RiverSouth is about 30 minutes south of Minneapolis-St. Paul, which for us from Milwaukee, WI was about 5 hours drive not counting stops. We loaded up the van with a weekend bag and a couple of friends and headed down the road.

We made sure to plan our route to RiverSouth with a few essential road trip stops. In the Midwest, and especially Wisconsin, any good road trip includes a stop at a cheese shop for some curds for the ride.

Mystic Lake Amphitheater

What originally brought us up to RiverSouth was the concert, one of Hannah’s longtime favorite bands, O.A.R., was playing at the Mystic Lake Amphitheater. We decided to turn it into a weekend getaway. We wanted to enjoy the concert and not have to rush back home. The concert more than delivered and we had the perfect summer night to listen to the music. Looking at the summer line up there were a bunch of concerts we would have come to and they actually get some big names to come out and play – one of this summer headliners was Pitbull. Overall it was a great night with some of our favorite music at a nice outdoor venue. 

Mystic Lake Casino Hotel

After a fun concert, we were tired and our throats were sore from signing along so we headed back to the room for the night. We were pleasantly surprised by the huge and modern rooms on the property. We had a 12th floor room with comfy beds and a stylish sitting area with nice views.

Canterbury Park

On our second day, we were off to the races, literally. We spent the day hanging out in the clubhouse watching the races at Canterbury Park. At first, the odds and numbers were a little intimidating, but a few races in we were trying to sound like pros using all of the lingo while placing our bets. The girls got a bottle of rose and we spent the afternoon paging through our programs looking for a winner.

While we didn’t exactly hit it big, but one of the most fun moments was when we came one position away from hitting a trifecta. It was our first time going to the races and it was actually a lot of fun.

Mystic Steakhouse

In the evening we sat down to an amazing steak dinner at Mystic Steakhouse. We had heard it was good, but honestly, it blew us away. The steaks we had here were some of the best we’ve had in at least the past year – or maybe more. The wine was good and reasonably priced so we stayed a while after the meal just catching up with old friends who came with us.

We had a really nice weekend just relaxing and having fun with friends. This was the kind of trip you didn’t have to think or plan too much, it was easy fun. Everything was close by and you could do as much or as little as you wanted.

Planning the perfect Midwest Weekend Getaway

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway, put RiverSouth on your list. There are a ton of things to do here for just about every kind of traveler. We stuck mostly to the grown-up variety of fun, but there is also an amusement park and a renaissance fair here in RiverSouth with plenty to see and do with kids too.

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