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If you find yourself in Chiang Mai Thailand and you’re looking to freshen up your hair with a cut or color your in luck. New York New York Chiang Mai hair salon is an Aveda salon and the best hair salon in Chiang Mai.

Finding a salon was a littler trickier. We lived in a really nice area of town, full of coffee shops, trendy stores, and restaurants. So I thought I could “shop around” for the best price, so off I went. I visited 5 different shops, the prices I was quoted ranged from 1,000Baht -2,500 Baht for highlights only (32 Baht = $1 USD). One of the shops looked at me, looked at my hair, looked at the hair color book, looked at her friend, and then said no and pointed to the door. Well, that was that… Most shops the stylists would talk between themselves and then punch in a price on the calculator. The lack of communication skills wasn’t the problem, most of the “stylists” were men, nothing wrong with a man stylist BUT these men were Thai ladyboys, once again nothing wrong with a ladyboy, BUT when the ladyboy has 2-day old stubble and pink lipstick, clearly struggling with keeping their own appearance together… I didn’t have much confidence with these stylists, I am sure they are fine stylists but… seriously you didn’t see your mustache growing when you put that lipstick on??

There was one diamond in the rough….and I guess you could guess it was the 2,500Baht place.  I had read a few things online about New York New York Chiang Mai hair salon. I walked by it one day, as it was only 2 blocks from my apartment. I looked through the price list, and was scared away by the prices. The prices for coloring services are more than I pay in the USA, so I had a hard time coming to terms with paying that amount in Thailand.

After 4 attempts at other salons, I decided on New York New York hair salon, and I was I glad I did. They spoke perfect English, they looked at my hair and knew exactly what I wanted. I said I needed my highlights touched up and I wanted them slightly brighter. They were jam packed and told me they could squeeze me in later that afternoon. So I left and returned 3 hours later for my appointment.

New York New York Chiang Mai Hair Salon

My stylist’s name was Milk, yes like the drink Milk, it even said so on her card. She consulted me and told me she didn’t think I needed to add a low light, she suggested next time. I was amazed because she could have charged for another color if she would have. So i appreciated the honesty. I had 2 ladies putting foils in the entire time.

New York New York hair salon Chiang Mai

Then had this crazy hair dryer circle thing, circling my head like a satellite. All while I was reading USA people magazine, catching up on my Hollywood gossip. Also got a hand massage, was given bottled water, really felt pampered at New York New York hair salon Chiang Mai.

New York New York hair salon Chiang Mai

Totally looks like a space ship.

New York New York hair salon Chiang Mai

Off to the shampoo station, never have I had a reclining chair. This thing was so comfortable, my legs were up. Hello USA you need to get these things.

After my relaxing wash, off to be dried and see the end results. Milk asked me if I wanted my hair blow dried straight or with waves. I said waves, as I always make it straight on my own. What I didn’t know is that she was going to charge me 250Baht for a blow out for this….still a little sour about this. I had 2 people going at my locks with hairdryer’s. 2 hours later and I was finished.

New York New York hair salon Chiang Mai

What do you think of the end result? Would you had paid 2,750 Baht ($86) with the blow out charge?

New York New York hair salon Chiang Mai  New York New York hair salon Chiang Mai

New York New York hair salon Chiang Mai New York New York hair salon Chiang Mai New York New York hair salon Chiang Mai

I am more than happy with everything. When I am back in Chiang Mai next year I will be seeing Milk again, at New York New York hair salon Chiang Mai, I just won’t make the blow out mistake again.

New York New York hair salon Chiang Mai price list

New York New York hair salon Chiang Mai

New York New York  hair salon Chiang Mai location

New York New York hair salon Chiang Mai

Update February 2015

I have returned to Chiang Mai, we are now renting an apartment and living here for 5 months. I visited New New York hair salon Chiang Mai a few weeks ago. Prices have increased, I paid 3,330 baht for my highlight, this time I didn’t ask for curls and I still got charged for the shampoo…still really annoying! If you get your hair colored they have to shampoo it out, not sure why they charge this fee. Everyone I know that lives in Chiang Mai goes to New York New York and all have this same fee when getting their hair colored. To find out my way we have to returned to Chiang Mai click here.

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14 thoughts on “New York New York Chiang Mai Hair Salon”

  1. It’s so hard to find a good salon abroad! I wish I had found this post before I got mine done in the Philippines… I just wrote a post about my experience, and let me just say it wasn’t nearly as nice as yours was! Your hair looks fantastic and I’m jealous 🙂

    • Oh no, I am going to have to read your article. Next time you are in Chiang Mai def check out New York New York hair salon. It may be pricey but totally worth it.

  2. I have been putting off getting a haircut in Chiang Mai but I think I finally have to suck it up and head to New York New York! I always get charged for a blow dry back in the US, but good to know it is extra here as well. Your hair turned out great 🙂

  3. I have had this dilemma for the last 3 years while travelling. Have been living in China and travelled HK,Taiwan,Korea,Laos and Thailand.Had my hair cut and coloured many times in China and each time it came out completely different and with different price ranges.Of course I was most worried about the quality of the dyes used.But what the hell.. then I had a great one in Korea also not expensive. Last one in HK was a cheap place but a dodgy cut and I already need it done again after a month.I was amazed at all the price bargaining that went on (my Chinese friends helped me) and that they offered 3 different price options according to quality of the dye.
    Anyway well done you , the main thing is that you were satisfied with what you got.It looks awesome.

    • Thanks Annette! I have been really nervous to get my hair done anywhere else, but now that I found this place I will return. Are you headed to Chiang Mai anytime soon?

  4. We got completely ripped off by this place. When we walked in, we ordered a “senior” cut for my wife (450), and a “junior” cut for myself (250). We decided not to get our kids (8 and 11) cut here because it is pricy. While my wife’s head was in the sink, the “owner” said “we have 2 openings for your kids right now”, and she said go ahead. When we got the bill, they charged us for 2 “New York” cuts for our kids at 550 per. When we were considering the kids, we wanted “junior” (250) for them. My daughters hair literally got the ends trimmed, and it took 3 minutes tops. The lady completely took advantage of us and stole 20 bucks from us. Do not go here.

    • Oh no! Did you specify that you wanted a junior cut for the children? I know the cost is based on the persons skill level that cut the hair, owner most expensive and the newbie the cheapest etc. I would have said something honestly. I was really happy with my hair, not happy I got charged for a blow out….But I will return next year.

  5. Wow it looks really great 🙂 I was worried for you but it all came out well in the end. I have thought about going lighter but I am too lazy to keep up with the maintenance. In Cambodia in one of the malls if you buy the Revlon hair dye they’ll dye it for free! It’s like $7 for someone else to dye your hair. Amazing. Once they didn’t have my colour so I bought it from the supermarket next door and they still did it free of charge 🙂

  6. You look great with the colour, I think they did an awesome job. And I agree, the blowout could have been skipped. I enjoyed reading this post, as I can relate to needing a few ‘housekeeping’ while travelling. Last time I did an ’emergency’ housekeeping was to a wax salon in LA (last stop of a 4 week road trip) before heading to Bora Bora. I can’t wait to see your Africa adventures. The lions will surely be impressed by your golden mane 🙂

    • Thanks Jean! I am so happy with how it turned out. I wish they would have told me they were going to charge me for a blowout..but back at home they always dry and do you hair a little as part of the service. I did get a wax in Bangkok before heading to all the beaches in the Philippines! Africa is calling us!

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