We Moved Home and Finally Have Our Own Bed!

When we started Getting Stamped our plan was to travel around the world for one year. We spent almost two years saving and planning our RTW trip. On June 29, 2013, we set off on our adventure with a one-way ticket to Belize in our hands. That was 1562 days ago from today…

Along the way, we have visited some epic places and experienced things we could have never imagined. We’ve slept in over 500 beds from overwater bungalows, camping in the Serengeti, living in a van as we drove across the US and so much more.

However, after 4 years we needed something more permanent as our travel style has changed. We’ve lived up to our name Getting Stamped and have visited over 70 countries with multiple visits to many countries. We burned through a few passports, but right now we don’t want to live the nomadic lifestyle. Instead, we need a home, a place to come back to between trips with some sort of normalcy.

The beach in Playa del Carmen in front of Elements condos and vacation rentals

In the past two years, we’ve tried living in Playa del Carmen and Chiang Mai, Thailand – both are great but they aren’t 100% home. We were missing that homey feeling. Our own things, friends & family, our cat Tinkerbell, American guilty pleasures at our doorsteps, and our bed! All signs were pointing to move back to Milwaukee, Wisconsin our hometown. We decided to rent an apartment for a year and see how life with a base in Wisconsin goes.

When Real Sleep heard we were moving back home they were excited to send us our own bed. Something we haven’t had in 4 years! The Real Simple bed showed right up at the door of our 4th-floor apartment in a box. No heavy lifting and moving on our part, BONUS! Within minutes we had it unboxed and setup. Which is not what we can say for the rest of our life that has been in storage for 4 years.

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You know when you go on vacation and you say to yourself  “I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed”? We now can say that too. Just because we have an apartment doesn’t mean we’re done traveling. It just means we now have a place to rest our heads between trips. The month of October we’ll unfortunately only sleep in our own bed 6 nights because we have trips to 8 countries lined up. It’s going to feel amazing to come home to a big comfy bed! Plus our kitty cat Tinkerbell is ready to say goodbye to her Rover pet sitter and have us home.

You’re probably thinking, “You guys are total beach lovers and have been chasing summer for years,  are you sure you’re up for Wisconsin winters?”. Wisconsin winter was our biggest concern, but we with our current travel schedule we plan on escaping at least half the time and the other half we can curl up in our bed with Tinkerbell. Honesty, we have so much work to do between trips we’ll be inside catching up on the website most of the time anyways. Even when living in Thailand & Mexico we found ourselves inside working at cafes and hardly enjoying the warm weather. If we need a dose of sunshine we’ll find the next cheap flight out of Milwaukee. 

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4 thoughts on “We Moved Home and Finally Have Our Own Bed!

  1. I don’t travel full-time, just in 2 week vacation stints but I still miss my bed so much when I travel. It’s not even that it’s the best bed in the world (but it’s plenty comfy), it’s just that it’s mine and it’s familiar and it usually includes cuddles with my fluffy cat. Congrats on having a bed of your own again. 🙂

  2. Welcome home! I can imagine your feeling, we had exactly the same.. but sooner.. after 18 months of travel. Now we’re happy, being able to travel a lot (with our 2 kids) and having a nice hoem for the time in between. 🙂 Enjoy your new bed, even though you can only use it for 6 nights. 😉

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