Babies, Fall Fun, & Local Adventures with Columbia | Life Update December 2019

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A lot has happened in the past 30 days. It’s been a beautifully crazy rollercoaster ride since we welcomed our son into the world a few weeks ahead of schedule. We were pretty much ready for him to come, or so we thought. The reality is no matter when they come, you are never truly ready. There is so much to learn in the first few weeks.

His name is Atlas, he was born in early November at just over 36 weeks and was just under 6 pounds – and he’s our new favorite person!

Since around two weeks before his birth, we have been kinda grounded – which is not exactly normal for us. He is getting bigger and stronger every day – and he’ll be ready to explore the world with us soon! Plus, we just dropped off his application for his passport so we’ll be on the move again any day now.

We are enjoying our time at home with him, but we still like to get out and explore even if it’s just closer to home.

Local Adventures with Columbia

Last weekend we slipped away and left baby Atlas with grandma for a few hours and went for a hike with our new Columbia 1938 jackets & boots. Winter is on its way, and living in Wisconsin it’s a must to have quality outdoor gear. Our little hiking in one of our favorite parks in Milwaukee was a great test run for our new gear for even more adventures coming later this year.

Our new Columbia 1938 Omni Heat boots & jacket will keep us warm while we are out adventuring this winter. Shortly after the holidays, we have a long weekend of winter hiking and snowmobiling planned in Northern Wisconsin and this new gear going to be perfect.

What we love about the Columbia 1938 Omni Heat boots is that they have all of the warmth and protection you’d expect in a big outdoor boot, but in a pair that is stylish enough to wear around town all winter long.

Adam’s Columbia Fairbanks Omni-Heat Boots

If you are like us and haven’t finished (OR started your holiday shopping) head over to Zappos they have gifts for everyone. Zappos offers fast free shipping with a 365-day return policy and a huge selection of Columbia’s styles.

Hannah’s Columbia Meadows Omni-Heat 3D Boots

Seven Bridges Trail in Grant Park

This trail is one of our favorite walking and hiking trails in Milwaukee. As you might have guessed the Seven Bridges Trail winds it’s way cross 7 bridges leading out to Lake Michigan.

Seven Bridges starts in the heart of Grant Park with a large wooden bridge surrounded by trees. Summers here are great, but fall is my favorite. Seven Bridges trail and specifically this stately bridge are flanked on all sides by vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds as the trees light up in their autumn colors.

Adam grew up near to the park and spent lots of summer and fall days here in Grant Park and Seven Bridges was always a favorite. We can’t wait to bring our little guy here to keep that family tradition alive.

What’s next & Future Travel Plans

Being ‘stuck’ at home isn’t all bad, there is actually a lot to do in Milwaukee and it’s actually a pretty fun city. We are keeping busy adventuring around our hometown doing things we don’t always make time for.

Atlas’ passport is processing and we should have it in time to make his first international trip to Mexico. We hope he likes guacamole, napping on the beach, and playing in the sand because we are escaping winter in sunny Mexico.

But before all of that happens we gearing up for some winter adventures in our own home state of Wisconsin. We’ll be ringing in the new year with a snowmobiling trip with family in northern Wisconsin.

After that, we are going to hit the road for Atlas’ first big road trip and drive down south for a few weeks somewhere in Florida or where ever the road takes us.


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  1. 2019 sounds like it was a good year for you. Congratulations on having Atlas. Glad everything turned out. He is a doll. Thanks for the uplifting post and gorgeous photos.


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