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6 Reasons To Ship Your Luggage With Luggage Free

6 Reasons To Ship Your Luggage With Luggage Free

Do you ever wish you could just pack your bags and someone would magically just pick them up and they’d show up at your destination? Well, you now can with Luggage Free. We hate dragging bags through the airport, looking for our luggage on the baggage belt, then dealing with customs, you get what we mean.

On a recent trip, we were traveling from Bangkok Thailand to Florida then continuing onto Jamaica and ending in Wisconsin. We had 4 checked bags in which we didn’t need them all in all of our destinations. So had Luggage Free pick up two of our bags at our hotel in Orlando, Florida and ship them to our house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This way we wouldn’t have to drag all 4 bags to Jamaica and back. Not only would it save us the hassle but we would have had to pay over $140 in baggage fees as we were each checking 2 bags.

There have been many trips where we are visiting a tropical destination and a winter destination. Like when we traveled to Fiji and then to winter in New Zealand…those summer dresses had no use in New Zealand. We ended up bringing a bag for each destination and literally just dragging one around until we need it. We won’t be doing that anymore, instead, we’ll be shipping our luggage. 

6 Reasons To Ship Your Luggage With Luggage Free  2 bags wrapped in plastic delivered to the door step by luggage free

1. Guaranteed On-Time Delivery or They’ll Pay You $500

Yes you read that right they will pay you up to $500 per bag if it doesn’t arrive on time and they won’t charge you a dime. Which basically means to me your bag will be there on time. I can’t tell you how many other companies have 2- day shipping (no names Amazon) that only give you a measly $5 credit if it’s late.

2.Affordable Prices Sometimes Cheaper Than Checking Bags

On our most recent trip, we shipped our luggage at $121 a bag (55lbs) which was actually cheaper than if we would have brought it with us. Our bags were over 50lbs and we would have had to pay $100 each way for oversized baggage fees on American Airlines. So we actually saved $79 by shipping our luggage not to mention the hassle it would have been with 4 checked bags in Jamaica. The luggage shipping rate charged is by the pound and the price varies by destination and delivery speed.

Here are a few example prices per pound to ship your luggage internationally:

  • $2.20 lb 5-day shipping within the USA which is
  • $6.84 lb 10-days or less shipping USA to Thailand or $7.16 lb 6-days or less shipping Thailand to the USA
  • $5.57 7-days or less shipping USA to United Kingdom/Germany/Bahamas/Jamaica

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3. No Weight Restrictions

I am guilty of often having overweight luggage…which is not only are overweight luggage fees really expensive but it’s always a hassle at the airport trying to move things around to try and avoid the airline fees. Luggage free doesn’t have a 50lb weight restriction and you just pay per pound. You just have your bag picked up and they’ll weigh them for you and you’ll get charged a set rate per pound. No more stressing about if your bag is overweight.

Bags devilered to the door by luggage free

4. Door to Door Worldwide Shipping

You can have your luggage shipped anywhere in the United States or even to 150 countries worldwide. Odds are you’re traveling to a destination where you can ship your bags to.

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5. Pickup & Delivery Anywhere

You can literally ship your luggage anywhere a hotel, airport, office, or even a cruise ship. We had our luggage picked up at the Hard Rock Hotel and shipped to our home in Milwaukee. Luggage Free arranged with our hotel to have us leave the bags at the bell desk and they would pick them up from there. All we had to do was attach the luggage labels which were mailed to us, they were sent to the hotel waiting for us in our room at check-in. Luggage Free picks up and delivers anywhere in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii. International luggage shipping can pick up your bags for $50 if within 40 miles of a major airport. 

6. Included Insurance

When shipping luggage or even checking bags I am always nervous of them getting lost. All bags shipped with Luggage Free include $1,000 of coverage on each shipment. If you’d like to add on additional insurance it’s only $19.95 per $1,000 of coverage with no limit. Check to see if your travel insurance covers lost bags if not it’s worth adding additional coverage.

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Have you ever shipped luggage internationally or domestically? 

**Thanks to Luggage Free for offering to ship our bags for us and show us a whole new way to travel. As always all opinions are our own. **