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Sightseeing Seattle – Top Things to do in Seattle

Sightseeing Seattle – Top Things to do in Seattle

Sometimes you just have to be a tourist and see the sights. While in Seattle, we did just that. We made our way around the city. We spent our time sightseeing in Seattle and took in the city’s most famous sights on our short trip. There are so many things to do in Seattle. Make sure to include these. 

Sightseeing Seattle: The Space Needle

Sightseeing Seattle-13

Nothing is more Seattle than the Space Needle. With just one picture of this iconic landmark, you know right where you are. A short walk from downtown this Seattle sight was a nice walk on a near perfect fall day. Built in 1961 the space needle embraces the mid-century modern design with the sweeping curves and futuristic looking accents. The tower was originally built for the 1962 World’s Fair, but still today the top deck gives a pretty good view of Seattle for tourists and locals alike.

Sightseeing Seattle: The Pike Place Market

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Next on our self-guided sightseeing tour of Seattle was to the iconic Pike Place Market. The market is comprised of hundreds of individual stalls selling anything from flowers to fish. The size of the market is nothing short of impressive. Allow the better half of a day to check out the market. Pike Place Market covers roughly 12 square city blocks along the water’s edge. While sightseeing Seattle get lost in the market or at least get lunch in the market!

Sightseeing Seattle: The Original Starbucks

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One of the market’s most famous residents is none other than the lady in green who serves coffee to the world, Starbucks. The flagship store was located in the Pike Place market and you might recognize that name of the market is also one of their most famous roasts of coffee. Every Seattle sightseeing coffee lover should have this coffee mecca on their sightseeing list.

Sightseeing Seattle: Seattle Great Wheel

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To finish our sightseeing tour of Seattle we crossed under the freeway down to the seaside. Down on the boardwalk are a row of restaurants and amusement attraction geared to entertain tourists, with the large blue Ferris wheel becoming one of the city’s most recognizable. We made our way down to this part of the city at sunset which are pretty spectacular on a good day. We caught a nice yellow sunset with the Ferris wheel in the foreground. 

Where to Stay While Sightseeing Seattle

Sightseeing Seattle - Motif Hotel Seattle-1

On our recent trip to Seattle, we stayed right in the heart of downtown at the Motif Seattle hotel. The location was perfect with quick access to all of Seatle’s best attractions. We were able to sightsee Seattle all in just one day right from the Motif Seattle hotel. Inside the hotel are nicely appointed rooms with stunning views of the city and the water. A nice bonus was a high-end workout facility with gym quality equipment. However, the hotel’s Frolik Restaurant may have counteracted our workouts with the amazing meal they put together for us. Overall the location and the amenities of the Motif Seattle make it a top choice for where to stay while sightseeing Seattle.

Have you been to Seattle? What is your favorite sightseeing Seattle Memory?