Sleeping with the elephants

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One of the most amazing places we have visited so far on our 43-day safari has to be the Ngorongoro Crater. We camped at the crater rim the night before the next day’s game drive, but we weren’t the only one at the campsite.

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A massive bull elephant, that dwarfed our Land Rovers, also thought our campsite was a good place to hang out. Apparently, he is there often drinking out of the camp’s water supply according to our guides.

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The thing with elephants are, that even though they are twice the size of our safari vehicles, they make absolutely no noise when they walk. This proved very dangerous to one of our fellow campers as she walked out of the bathroom and almost directly in the tusks of the massive elephant.

The elephant was so quiet she didn’t even realize how close she was until another camper told her afterwards. She may have surprised the elephant as much as it surprised her and they each went their own way.

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Our safari has been full of unique experiences that you can only get from over-landing through Africa. If you are in Tanzania a visit to the Crater is a must.

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2 thoughts on “Sleeping with the elephants”

  1. Love it! We were fortunate enough, on our first trip to South Africa, to stay at the Earth lodge at Sabi Sabi.. .complete w/ private plunge pools, etc and the elephants would come up to our room and drink out of our pools.. Africa is so magical!

  2. That is so bad-ass! Love the shot of the elephant in front of the jeep to really give you perspective of the enormity of that guy. Your trip is really making us want to get to sub-saharan Africa one day!


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