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Snapchat for Gramma’s ~ 5 Step Snapchat Guide

Snapchat for Gramma’s ~ 5 Step Snapchat Guide

Yes, you read that right…This post is a 5-Step Snapchat guide for Gramma’s! I recently was talking to my gramma and told her if she wanted live updates on my travels she had to be on Snapchat. Apparently posting a few times a week on the blog isn’t enough for Gramma, she wants to know where I am and what I am doing on a daily basis.

It took a few attempts for Gramma to even get the word Snapchat down, she kept saying “Snap-a-who”or “Snap-what”…  Ooooh Gramma this is going to take some work. So, I decided I might as well write a Snapchat guide so my Gramma and all the gramma’s out there can print it out and put on their coffee table. Don’t lie Gramma you know that’s what you will do!

*Yes that really is my Gramma in the Snapchat ghost*

Step 1: Download Snapchat

You can download Snapchat in the iTunes store by clicking here, or in the Google play store by clicking here.  Don’t worry it’s free Gramma, it won’t cost you a dime.

Step 2: Signup

snapchat guideNow that you have Snapchat downloaded, click on it to launch the application, or app as the kids these days call it. You will see this screen on this screen. Click on Sign Up.

Enter your email address, birthday, and create a password. Please pick something you will remember. (You probably should write this down Gramma.)

Your phone should keep you logged in, but for some reason if you need to login you will use your email address and the password you picked & hopefully wrote down.




snapchat guide

Once you’ve installed the app and signed up it’s time to start snapping. Your first time logging in and every time you launch the app, you will start on this screen.

Mind you, your screen will be looking at whatever your camera is looking at, mine is looking at my computer keyboard. This is your camera screen. We will go over everything you need to know later on.






Step 3: Add Me

snapchat guideMake sure you are on the camera screen (we just went over this see above, it was the picture of my keyboard) and click on the Snapchat yellow ghost icon on the top.











snapchat guide

Then this screen will appear. Click on add friends.


Good, are you still with me Gramma?










There are a few different ways you can add people.

snapchat guide

  • By Username for the most part you will add people based on their username.
  • For example, my username is: gettingstamped so when you type that in it will come up and there will be a plus sign on the right. Click the plus sign and it will think and then become a purple check mark, this means you have successfully added that person.

Don’t worry about  any other options to add people. I will explain this in my Advanced Snapchat guide for Gramma’s






Step 4: Viewing Snaps

snapchat guideWhen you are on your camera screen, the bottom left will indicate if you have any snaps to view.

If you click in the bottom left corner, you will go to your individual snap screen. In this picture, you will see I have 2 new individual snaps and 6 new stories.

Individual snaps can only be viewed twice and then disappear forever…yes forever! BUT they do not expire. Snaps on my story can be viewed over and over again for 24 hours from when I post them. But if you only check Snapchat every two days you are going to miss out on 24+ hours of my snaps.







snapchat guideClick on the bottom left and it will bring you to this screen. Here you will see individual snaps & messages sent to you. FYI don’t expect to see much here, as I mainly add snaps to my story.












snapchat guideIf you click on the bottom right it will bring you to Snapchat stories. Here it will load everyone you are following who has a story within the last 24 hours. Don’t worry about Discover or any of the live stories, feel free to click on them.









Step 5: Notifications

snapchat guideIf you want to get notified every time I post to my story or send you snaps make sure to change your settings.

Open the settings tab to do the following:

  • Check your Username
  • Change your password
  • Turn on/off: Filters/Power Save Mode/Travel Mode/Notifications







snapchat guide

Then this screen will appear, click on the settings wheel in the top right corner.












snapchat guideThen this screen will appear. Click on circle notifications sounds, if it is green then notifications is on. If it is white, hit it again until it is green. This way you will be notified when I send you snaps.











snapchat guide

Click on manage to change a few other settings.













snapchat guide

After you click on manage, this screen will appear. I would suggest for sure clicking on power save mode & travel mode until they are green and therefore on. Snapchat uses a lot of data, and best to view when on Wi-Fi.










So make sure to check Snapchat every 24 hours Gramma to make sure you have seen ALL of my snaps.

I think that is everything you need to start viewing my snaps on Snapchat Gramma. Just remember to add me at Username: GETTINGSTAMPED and check Snapchat stories once a day to stay caught up on my daily life. To follow more travel bloggers on Snapchat here for my favorite travel snapchatters.

I will try and update this Snapchat guide when Snapchat makes any changes, this is bound to happen…but they are always making it better.

Happy Snapping!

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