Sun Rises Over Lago Atitlan

We spent three great nights on the lake after our intense hike through 50km of remote areas of Guatemala.

villa sumaya-20

Going to bed the first night I didn’t think there would be much chance of me waking up early enough to see the sun come up since we didn’t exactly sleep the best on our hike. I surprised myself, waking up just enough to see the bright pink hues streaming through the shades of the room.

Lago Sunrise-3

I quickly grabbed my camera gear and headed straight to the dock.

Lago Sunrise-4

The next morning I rose from the very comfy bed without setting an alarm. I thought that the first night the bed felt amazing because I had just slept the past two nights on concrete floors however, they were truly pretty nice beds.

Lago Sunrise

On morning two I learned from my errors that I should have brought my higher zoom lens to catch some details better.

Lago Sunrise-2

We had perfect views of the volcanoes for sunrise from in Santa Cruz, I even got some good shots with the quintessential red-shirted fisherman.

Lago Sunrise-5

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